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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

I’m a bit of an over sharer. Now I don’t mean in the emotional, life story sense… usually a bit of a closed book in that regard. But when it comes to things I am passionate about whether that falls under advice or recommendations, I know I can come on a tad strong. I’ve fully witnessed, on several occasions, peoples eyes glaze over by the assault of information I was throwing at them. I’ve momentarily run out of people I know in real life to annoy with my current obsessions, so I’ve come to you! The Internet! Here are Five Things I just can’t shut up about lately!


I’ve been wanting a new perfume in my rotation for a while, and while heading to my favorite coffee shop I took a small detour to the stand alone Diptyque shop near by and treated myself to a roller ball of Philosykos. I’m one of those annoying people that likes to celebrate their birthday all week long, so this small perfume was a perfect tiny present to gift myself. This scent is so unique and interesting, it’s a little floral but fresh and herbal at the same time. There is a sort of tomato leaf note and some sort of exotic citrus. It’s packaging, like all Diptyque, is romantic and sensual, and it sure makes me feel fancy. I’ve gotten a little addicted to sniffing my wrists.

Nisolo is by far my favorite shoe brand. I stumbled onto them via Instagram a few years back and can’t stop buying them. They make high quality, responsibly made shoes that have a timeless design while being extraordinarily comfortable too boot. (kicking it with the shoe puns). As a small footed person shoe shopping can be worse than bra shopping. Hardly anyone carries my size, so when I heard the sizes ran small, I was all smiles. I got the Harper Chukka Boot about two years back in the burgundy color, and thought adding the black would be a nice addition for the fall. It’s finally cooling down here in LA, so I’ve been able to wear them outside more and more instead of just staring at myself modeling them in the mirror.


I’ve really lucked out on the Gift With Purchase game these past months. Two separate Sephora orders resulted in a couple of different Kat Von D minis. I was the most impressed with the Liquid Lipsticks. Previously I would stray from such bold colors, but these two have fully converted me. Lolita 2 is such an awesome brick brownish red that ACTUALLY looks good on me. And Vampira has become my new favorite bold color of all time. I’ve been lightly dabbing it on for a stained berry color during the day, and then layering it up for a full vamp look for the evening. Sadly by the time I got to writing this I had lost my beloved Vampira at the Beyonce concert at dodgers stadium this September (I guess you can’t visit the queen with out making an offering…), so expect to see the full size in a haul in the near future, I don’t think I can make it through Autumn without this shade.

I think I’ve slapped Hada Labo’s Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion on my face every day for the last 6 weeks- twice. This stuff is such a unique product that is just plan awesome. It’s some where between a lotion/serum/moisturizer/essence thing. I find it acts as a great base before layering on serums, it’s lovely on top of any serums- acting as a light moisturizer, and I also really love using its as a primer to help my makeup set and look dewy at the same time. It just adds a nice bit of hydration to build off of for whatever you want to do next. It’s also super gentle and really helped my skin heal after a bad reaction my skin had a month back. If you are wanting a little something extra into your skin care routine I think Hada Lado would be an awesome and economical addition!


Netflix has really been killing it on the original content front. We all know by now that Strangers Things is the fucking greatest- But one show you might have scrolled past that’s worth your time is The Get Down. I know a bunch of people felt pretty meh about it, but I found it fresh and super fun. The fast paced editing, the sort of comic book style structure along with a booming soundtrack made for a awesome almost theatrical feeling experience. I’ve always had a soft spot for Baz Luhrmann and his spin on 1970’s harlem and the fictional rise of hip hop was just a damn fun time. Also If you are queuing up Luke Cage I highly recommend getting through The Get Down first. There are a lot of cultural references that run parallel and enrich the Luke Cage story line further with this as a sort of vague history of black pop culture.

Thanks for letting me spill the beans! What is something you’ve fallen hard for that you want everyone to know about? Let me know! Maybe soon I won’t be shutting up about it either!


  1. Sharon Pence says

    as an older but ardent fan of this blog for some unknown reason I recently ordered from the Am. Lily ana Retional cream maybe it’s wishful thinking but it seems to be doing it’s job with those fine lines without my face feeling all pulled and funky and my major problem has always been the bleed into the eye area that makes them water and sting. I keep this well away and am not having any ill effects. Some of us older ladies love advice I wish we had this type of commitment when I was in my 20’s and 30’s that you have today ! Keep up the good work. P.s. I find myself using the Vit.C serums on my arms as you will find when you get old your skin thins out and breaks out easily and this seems to help a great deal.

  2. That perfume looks and sounds lovely! 🙂 Lately, I’ve been loving candles (especially the soy wax once) and knitwear to warm up 😀

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