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Get to Know CLE’s Inventive Products

This minimalist brand is anything but boring…

Over the last few months I’ve been testing out loads of new things. From eyeshadows to eye masks: I’ve been trying to sniff out the some of the next it thing’s. And let me tell you, CLE is it. This minimalistic California/Korean brand is a fun, streamed lined take on beauty. CLE (or Creative Lass Esthetic) really reminds me of Glossier, yet more refined. It’s hip, but laid back, it’s cool but timeless, it’s artsy, but fun. Just look at the brands Instagram… so chic!  Am I making any sense? Regardless, lets get on with what I’ve been trialling from them….

The Melting Lip Powders are a fun take on a matte lip and they give a great dose of beauty entertainment. They can be used for both lip and cheek, and I think they really shine as blushes. Especially the orange one, Ultra Summer, it’s been perfect for spring. The brown shade, Hot Coco, has been nice when I’m feeling a monochromatic sort of makeup day, using it on my lips and face.

The big draw back thought is that they are not terribly long lasting on the lips but seem fine on my cheeks. I really love some of their other colors, like the Barbie Pink. Hopefully they expand the range with some dusty rose colors and an a deep oxblood. That would look stunning.

The Radiant Skin Melting Cleanser is a wonderful basic cleanser. I’d say it’s pretty similar to the Milky Jelly Cleanser from Glossier but more silky. It lives some where between an oil and a gel, not too dissimilar feeling to some thicker Korean Essences.

It’s non foaming, so it doesn’t leave me feeling squeaky (which I think is a good thing) but creates a sort of slip on the skin. It does an okay job with removing makeup, but not hardy enough to break down all my eye makeup or hefty bases. I like using it in the shower, as it does well on wet skin. It rinses off without any residue but leaves my face still pretty hydrated for cleansing.

By far though my favorite product I’ve tested would be the Radiant Skin CCC Cream. This is formulated with Micro Capsule Technology, so it comes out white but as you blend it into the skin it transforms into a pigmented base. The CCC Cream has a silky, satin sort of finish that sits really well on the face and feels lightweight. It looks very fresh and skin like…. Think IT Cosmetics CC Cream, but a lot less dewy.

I’ve found that it can be built up to a solid medium coverage, and lasts pretty long. Light is a great color match for me right now, but might be too pale come the middle of summer. Also it does a good job of color correcting and covering up the abundance of redness I’ve got going on right now

Expect to see this a lot around here and on my YouTube. It’s potential HG status for me. There are a couple of draw backs to note though. Too much product can easily come out, so I’ve found storing it upside down best for portion control.  And one nit picky thing, it gets dirty looking quickly and the metallic brand letter is coming off…  It’s pretty much all gone at this point… beginning to think I am either to rough on my products or have some sort of weird oil production on my fingers because all my stuff  (not just CLE) look bad fast very fast. Any tips for this messy kid?

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