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Art and a Wide Leg

Last week Jeff and I finally got a chance to check out the much buzzed about 14th Factory: a multi-media interactive art experience tucked away just outside of Downtown. It’s a massive space, with something new around every corner.

I’ve been wanting to expand my blog- It’s mainly beauty on here, but I want to incorporate more happenings in and around Los Angeles, Travel and yes, a bit of Fashion too. So having husband in tow, I had him document these new (er) jeans I’ve been living in from Madewell.

So here is a strange hybrid post: part longwinded art rambling and part superficial enjoyment for a pair of pants.

About those Pants…

I am happy wide legs and culottes are finding their way back into style. Skinny Jeans can feel a bit suffocating, and, well, revealing. I’ve always had great luck with Madewell Jeans, even being short of stature, I can usually find something that works by them.

These Wide-Leg Crop Jeans have a hip hugging high waist, that on me sits just above the belly button. I’ve mainly been styling them with a pair of wedges (the ones pictured are actually my wedding shoes), but also like the relaxed and even art teacher vibe they give with a pair of flat mules or sandals.

Considering it’s Summer, and the weathers been acting like it, minimal makeup, open toed shoes and light layers have been key.

The entrapment of bras is no fun when you’re dripping with sweat so I opted to go commando with an American Apparel Bodysuit. It’s tight fit makes it pair well with a more loose leg.

I topped everything off with a vintage glass statement necklace I bought in San Francisco when is was a Sophomore in college. I seriously love this bit of Jewelry with it’s delicate pink flowers and green birds painted on blue glass. And of course, I carted around my Cult Gai Ark Bag– a trendy piece of Instagram Art in itself

Back to the Art…

It took us about an hour to walk around the entire space and take all the pieces in. We did go on a hot Thursday afternoon, so I can imagine the crowds on the weekends at a place like this can get overwhelming.

I love these sort of socially engaging short term art projects- the fact that they are temporary makes you stare a little longer, to impress into your mind something that you wont get tomorrow.

On another not, or thought rather…  it was interesting going here in the age of social media- and well, now being a social media person myself. I too want the best, coolest, picture. Everyone there was enacting in their own photo shoot, and I too was taking a part.

Stepping back, and noticing, made it a staged piece in its own. The creators of these art works must have know the ‘gramable-ness’ of what they were creating, and the participation aspect of this place makes that dance a piece all on it’s own.

But after exhausting myself in documentation and ‘candid’ attempts at having my picture taken, my favorite parts were the places that you couldn’t opt for a selfie. The immersive projections, that you can try to capture, but the experience of them and their surrounding force made me take pause, and just take them in.

And with that… I don’t have anything to share from my most favorite exhibits in The 14th Factory, for I was more rapt up in enjoyment and awe then creating a token for myself. But maybe that bit of mystery will get you out the door and over here, or at least to a place like this.

Although The 14th Factory will be closed soon, I highly encourage you to keep your ear to the ground about local happening like this in your area. When I lived in Seattle temporary exhibits not too dismaler to this one popped up at least a couple times of year!

PS! happily at the time of writing this post, The 14th Factory has expanded their stay until at least the end of July! You can get your tickets here: http://the14thfactory.com/

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