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Autumn Makeup Updates: New Loves & A Couple Of Duds

With winter just around the corner, and it now being December… (so basically winter), I thought it was high time I talked about all the Autumn makeup I added and tested out these past three months. I’ve got several new loves I’ve been rocking in these colder days but also some guys I’m still trying to get the kinks figured out of. And sadly there’s even a couple of duds I tried, but just couldn’t fall for… (Like that seasonally themed pun? Yeah, me too..)


I’ve heard a lot of lovely things about the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, and seeing as my beloved Make Up For Ever one is near the end of it’s life, I figured I’d try something new. It’s supposed to be great for covering spots, redness and pretty much everything… not so sure about that yet. This is one of the products I am still working the kinks out of. As you can see it comes with two color so you can mix it to be your perfect shade. I’ve heard a variety of things about needing to warm it up first on your hand to get it to blend… like I said, still working out how to best use this.

I was killing time (as you do) on the Sephora app, and came across this highlighting duo from Algenist. The Luminizing Drops have got a mix of skin care in the formula so it’s supposed to help your glow will adding to it. I adore both of these shades! I never thought I’d be into a pink toned highlight, but I’ve been reaching for Rose nearly every day. It’s beautiful. And come the Holiday’s, I can see Champagne being my highlighter of choice. The formula is really concentrated and you can blend and build however you want.

I fell for the hype and picked up a Marc Jacobs Air Blush during the VIB sale. I needed a more neutral blush in my collection and Flesh & Fantasy is just down right perfect for my skin tone. It goes with pretty much every lip color and eye look I’ve been throwing on lately. It even doubles up well as an eyeshadow and even a light bronzer. It’s a pretty price tag, but this is a piece I’ll have around for years.


Yup. Finally got my mitts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and it sure is a lot of fun to play with! I haven’t braved too much into the more orange browns yet, but I’ve loved using the different reds and coppers this fall season. Surprisingly though (which I didn’t see coming) the purple shade Buon Fresco is my most favorite in the whole palette. It’s been my go-to eye color on light makeup days or if I’m in the mood to create a feminine romantic look. I think I’ll be buying the single shadow soon since I’ve already created quite a large dent in this one…

I’ve been wanting to experiment more with color in my daily makeup. I’m pretty use to playing it safe and neutral. I finally got comfortable wearing reds as eyeshadows so I felt like it was a good time to graduate to some other colors. This is where the Sephora Collections Waterproof Eyeliner in Olive comes in. It’s a beautiful medium olive green with just the faint bit of shimmer. It contrasts nicely with my brown hair and eyes. The formula though is where I’m having some issues. It’s a bit clumpy and doesn’t wear the smoothest. But– I’m also no makeup expert so this is another one of the items I need to do a bit more fussing around with to get the gist of.


It might look like I went lip crazy by the photo’s but I actually only bought the three large one’s! The small neutral shades I got as gift with purchases. Funny enough, neutral and browns on the lips have been out of my comfort zone, so getting these two has really been a great bit of free training wheels for me.

I like both of these neutral shades, and they both pair lovely with bolder eyes or even in a monochrome look. Swoon by Ciate being a little bit more on the pink side. Sell Out by Too Faced though just might be my brown shaded liquid lipstick soul mate… and it’s got incredible staying power without feeling like a desert on my lips. Will be purchasing full size very soon.

As you can tell by the other three shades…. I’ve had a bit of a thing for bold lips lately. All three of these fit the bill in different ways and are very different styles of formulas. Vampira by Kat Von D is such a great vampy liquid lipstick that last all day, albeit a tad drying. The Lipgloss from Anastasia is in the color Bordeaux and it’s an incredible wine colored lip. I’m getting back into lip gloss, but I’ve a hard time not getting it all over my face. Any tips? And last but not least is Belly-Dancing from the Sephora Collection. This is a great creamy red lip with a twist. It makes my teeth look whiter and my hair shinier. It’s going to cross over into the Christmas season very very well.


And now for the duds… I ordered this metallic set from Nailsinc online and took one look at it in person and could tell right away these colors, especially the copper and glitter one, were not the right tone for my skin. Even resting my hand against them I could tell it brought out the redness in my skin tone I don’t want to showcase.

The largest dud, or rather disappointment, was the ever popular Hourglass Stick Foundation. This sucker is fucking loved on youtube! But it just didn’t check any boxes for me. It didn’t have very good lasting power, looked really cakey and clung to the wrong parts of my face in the wrong ways… And lastly the amount of product to price ratio: I’ve used it less then 5 times and it’s already got a big dent in it! I’m still figuring out if I should re-home or just return it…

Now that it’s heading into winter I’ll be rotating my collection yet again and probably adding some festive pieces in as well… I think a lot of these guys will carry into the next season perfectly though! What did you add this Autumn makeup wise?! I’d love to know!

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