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A Look at the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst & Antioxidant Dew

This has been a post I’ve been meaning to write for months now. I’ve been testing Kypris Moonlight Catalyst and Antioxidant Dew on and off since Christmas time and just can’t really put a finger on how I feel about them. I am about a 2/3 done with the Moonlight Catalyst and just reached a little more then half way with the Antioxidant Dew.

So with that stated lets get into it… and why not just go ahead and start with the superficial. These are fucking beautiful looking. Big round of applause for who ever came up with the packaging. From the white boxes with silver details these come in to the midnight blue bottles with dreamy graphics, they really made me want these for that alone.

Now the company itself is very natural with its ingredients but has a strong emphasis on green science with its formulations. They are known for using high quality ingredients, but at very high prices. Their products start in the mid 60’s and go all the way up to over 200 dollars. I was really lucky though and snagged both these up at a greatly discounted rate during the holiday shopping season.

The Antioxidant Dew is probably Kypris most popular product. It’s a milky looking but silky feeling hydrating serum packed with active ingredients, 26 of them in fact. And that might be the problem for me. It has amazing stuff in it, but something in that long list has potentially not been sitting well with my skin.

I’ve pulled this out a few times and gave it a solid go and have had oddly placed breakouts each time. There is still the potential for coincidence with poor diet choices so I will be giving this another isolated trial before chucking it completely. I like to be very thorough.

It does really have amazing stuff in it though, some stuff my skin normally gets on very well with: like camellia, hyaluronic acid, tamanu and algae. I have a sneaking suspicion it might by the Comfrey in it that’s causing me issues. But I will be sure to report back.

There’s been one other things about this serum that’s made it hard for me to get my thoughts straight. It is often presented as a hydrating serum, something to add a glowy dew to the face. And although it does do that, I find myself using a lot to do so. If you have combo to oily skin the advertised couple of drops might be enough for you, but with my dry skin I found myself using large pipets full and quickly seeing the bottle diminish. And at 72 dollars a pop I had a small heart attack.

A lot of people tout the amazingness of this serum though, but a few have had reactions similar to mine (Anna from The Anna Edit for example) but like I said, I will give it one more go. I don’t want to be left out of the club. SO many people love this stuff!

On the other hand the Moonlight Catalyst and I have gotten on pretty well. At first I wasn’t sure it was doing much. I was using an abundance of actives and too may acid treatments at the time, which I have since dialed back completely. Now that my face is at a much more stable place it has been very very receptive to this.

The Moonlight Catalyst is sold as a retinol alternative and has a thick jelly consistency with a light peachy scent. It uses fermented pumpkin enzymes to lightly exfoliate the skin and biomimetic EGF, a peptide which plumps the skin along with a long list of plant extracts.

Now I have not seen drastic results with this serum, but I have seen a light refreshing toning to my complexion. It is gentle enough to use nightly, and has some good nutrient rich healing hydrators in it like Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip.

I think if you are accustomed to heavier retinol and lots of acids then you will probably not get on with this. But if you are sensitive like me and haven’t always danced well with retinol this might be a nice natural alternative to try. It is very pricey though. At $77 dollars a bottle I wont be repurchasing this any time soon, not unless I can get it at a heavily discounted rate again.

I know I let the price tag weigh heavy on my opinions of these, but as a consumer it is hard to not judge something in relation to its monetary value. I am no stranger to high end beauty, but I am money conscious and seek out deals where I can. These are luxurious priced oils that most of us can not afford. I think if these were both about 20 dollars less I think they would be more fairly priced in relation to my experience of their performance.

Have you tested out either of these Kypris Oils? What are your thoughts on them? Have you found the experience of them relates well to the price? I’d love to know!

the lovely lilah b.

A few weeks back I received a package from new makeup company lilah b. This is a brand I’ve been stalking for months on Instagram, so I was ecstatic that they sent a couple things my way. This luxurious minimalistic brand just screams elegance.

Their products are, at least from what I have played with, high performing and multi functional. And of course, beautifully packaged in hefty waited ‘stones,’ that slide open to reveal what’s inside. I’ve been using both the Bronzed Beauty and the Divine Duo in b. true pretty much every day since their arrival.

The Bronzed Beauty Bronzer Duo* gives a natural sin kissed glow, and is just the perfect shade for my fair complexion. I like to swirl the two shades together, and have even gotten into the habit of draping the powder from my cheeks bones to my eyelids. It’s the perfect touch of added depth to my eyes that looks as chic as it is easy.

The Retractable Bronzer Brush* is designed for the bronzer formula, and they do indeed pair flawlessly together. It’s made of super soft 100% hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly fibers. I love its compact size, and since it’s retractable, has been great to chuck in my bag and use along with my favorite pressed powders.

The Divine Lip & Cheek Duo in b.true* is a classic, and classy multifunctional mauve pink. And although it is a multifunctional product I find the effects on the lips verses cheeks to be rather different. The formula is nice on the lips, but for some reason doesn’t suit me on its own. But I’ve found it looks lovely when layered over a liquid lipstick, or mixed in with a gloss.

I’ve been very very into my cream products lately, especially on the cheek and this just hits all the right marks for me. It’s rather pigmented and has great staying power on the cheeks, especially when set with powder. I’ve loved wearing it on it’s own or layering it with Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra. The Divine Lip and Cheek’s come in eight different shades, so there’s a color for every mood (and one).

lilah b. does have a minimalistic approach but does offers a full face. I have yet to hear anything about the foundation and concealers they have but am very intrigued. I have heard a lot of lovely things about their eyeshadows. Two of my favorite blogger ttsandra and A little Bit Etc have both worn the Palette Perfection Eye Quad in b.stunning and sung it’s praises. So that along with their complexion products are going on my must/next to try list.

lilah b is sold at dermstore (who often has site wide discounts), Barney’s, Net-A-Porter and of course

*gifted from brand

New Beauty | A Look Inside My Mailbox

I am a self confessed beauty junkie. I get that itch when it’s been a while since something new has come across my metaphorical desk (still working on my home/office set up…)

I’ve been super lucky lately and had a lot of stuff sent my way (as well as a few bits I picked up myself). So I thought why not give a bit of a run down on some of the things I’m jazzed to come my way recently.

Makeup wise I was thrilled to hear from Axiology. They are a sustainable organic luxury lipstick brand that is committed to supporting environmental causes.

The lipsticks are packaged in gorgeous golden pop out bullets, with highly pigmented colors inside. I received two of their top sellers: Worth, a warm autumn leaves orange red and Instinct a brown toned nude with a touch of sandcastle glitter.

Speaking of glitter. I qualified for the new Influnetser voxbox in partnership with Marc Jacobs. They complementary sent over the new Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter.  It’s part of their expanded coconut range, and unfortunately doesn’t have the most natural coconut scent… BUT this thing is massive, and packs a massive strobing punch. I think I am set on highlighter for life.

I have been very curious about the Deciem range, and while filling my cart with Ordinary products I decided to round it out with the ever Instagramed Niod Sanskrit Cleanser.

This is more of an intense cleanser then I thought it would be. It’s got a milky, almost soft butter style consistency and smells a lot like pretzels. I am not entirely sure if this is right for my skin type, but plan to bust it out more when I am feeling the oiliness of mid summer.

De Mamiel has been on my wish list for ages. Anthropologie started stocking the range so I took advantage on a recent sale and treated myself to the Restorative Cleansing Balm. I have used this a handful of times now and it is an experience. Super nourishing on the skin, packed with incredible ingredients and topped off with an intoxicating scent. I can’t wait to get more De Mamiel in my life, the products are a true sensory experience.

The Pr company behind BeautyRX offered to send a few things my way. I haven’t seen or heard much about this brand but am always down to try something new. The line is founded by an experienced dermatologist. They sent me a few things to address my dry sensitive skin: the Soothing Moisture Cream and the Ultra Hydrating Eye Repair Cream.

They were also very kind and  let me pick out a couple things that peaked my interest. I am very enticed by the Exfoliating Green Tea Sunscreen (it sounds unlike anything I’ve ever tried before) and the Triple Vitamin C Serum (something I’ve very much need back in my routine).

The website Nature21Blvd reached out to me on Instagram if I’d be interested in testing anything from the Thank You Farmer range they stock. I selected two things from the True Water collection: the Toner and the Serum.

I have yet to test out the well reviewed True Water Serum, but have really been enjoying the Toner. It’s a hydrating, Korean style toner, that layers very well and adds a hefty amount of moisture. Nature21Blvd also socks a range of natural products from the likes of Youth to The People and Hannes Dottir along with a bevy of Korean staples.

I’ve been on a little bit of a Ouai Haircare kick. It all started with the Jen Edit Kit I tested out around Christmas time. I fell for the Finishing Cream and had to pick up a full size when the travel one ran out. I also snatched up (not pictured) the blogger favorite Hair Oil, and although it smells lovely, I prefer the one from Moroccan Oil way more

And lastly during the aforementioned sale at Anthropologie I snatched up a small Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray from Captain Blankenship. This is the first product I’ve tried from this all natural brand and I think it’s lovely. Its has a great scent that’s not overpowering and gives a nice beachey grit to my loose waves. Oh, and it has small specks of glitter that might not last for too long, but give a glisten to the hair for a few hours.


Give Back with W.ANT Skincare

Based in Singapore W.ANT Skincare makes a curated collection of skincare focused on non toxic and multi tasking products. They have a lovely mission statement of giving back, and of helping marginalised women in different countries. So with each purchase of W.ANT you are contributing to local communities of women in Bali, Indonesia and Benin, Africa.

W.ANT also focuses on sustainability, they do not have any box packaging, instead the product comes in a hand woven reusable bag made using a Balinese traditional method. I was super happy to test out there Cleansing Trio of this newer brand that has such lovely ingredients and an ethos to match.

The Beet This Honey Cleanser was my favorite product in the line up. I am a sucker for anything honey, so this was probably a sure thing from the get go. It is made with over 60% raw honey, and you can taste that. I’ve always found honey to be very soothing on my skin and great for break outs. I’ve been busting this cleanser out when my skin has needed something very gentle and healing. It’s not the best at removing makeup, so I prefer is for a second cleanser. Also it is a rather thick formula, so It works best with a warm face towel for removal.

The Ginger Clay Scrub Mask I a nice gentle scrub that’s not overly abrasive. I actually prefer something with a bit more grit so I instead like this best as a mask. It’s got a wonderfully simple formula: coconut, two types of clay and ginger. It has an almost savory tropical scent that I find very unique. I mix equal parts of water or  W.ANT’s own hydrosol with the powder to create a thick paste. I find that clay masks can be a little harsh as they dry so adding in a few drops of The Face oil from this range really helps.

The Facial Spritzer in this line was a surprise hit for me. I really love the sprayer on it, creates a nice even mist on the face. It also layers well with products and is great for a mask mixer. I used it with W.ANT’s own mask as well as some favorites from both Evan Healy and Leahlani.

The Face Oil is a nice mix of antioxidant rich oils like Rosehip, Kukui and Tamanu. It’s a rather light consistency that absorbs well. I can’t speak to much to it since the vial I have is only a sample, but it’s been a nice moisturizer and mixer in masks.

If you are interested in checking out W.ANT you can find them here!

Introducing Nylon Bee & My Favorite LA Work Outs

There’s two things I want to talk about in todays post – Nylon Bee and My Favorite LA Work Outs. Both fitness, which is a departure for me, but I’ve been aching to stretch my content so here we go… (nice puns right?!?)

Lets start with Nylon Bee. You might have seen the skincare brand Lyeska mentioned around these parts a few times… here, here and well here. The Brooklyn based skincare line was founded by the lovely Katya Hegg, the line is full of great, antioxidant rich, natural products. Katya reached out to me a few weeks back letting me in on a new business venture she was working on. She’s partnered with Carla Susanto to launch a curated activewear website geared toward busy ladies like myself who want to look top notch while working out with out paying a premium.

I loved the concept. They sell an awesome selection of colorful basics and muted staples to get your work out on with. The two pieces I tested out are honestly the nicest work out wear I’ve ever had the pleasure to sweat my ass off in. The Karma Evelyn Bra* has a nice high impact support so I love it for running or doing intense interval work outs at the likes of Barry’s Bootcamp or Burn 60. AND did you see the strappy back? Gorgeous.

The Toughen Up Emana* leggings by Liquido are sliming and have uber cool detailing. They make me feel like I almost fit in at the hip hollywood Cycle House, and a lot less gremlin like while waiting in line for my cold brew at Alfred’s after. I know, I’m sounding way fancier than I really am. I guess that’s part of the point. 🙂

So if you are on the hunt for chic threads for working out in and like supporting women entrepreneurs please check out their website here!

Secondly, My favorite Los Angeles Work Outs.

Hiking. When ever I get the chance, or time rather, I choose a nice free stroll out in nature. There’s a plethora of hikes in the LA area but if I can’t make the trek out, I am super fortunate to live very close to the Baldwin Hills Stairs (as pictured in this post).

The stairs are intense and sure to make you achy for days. Think lunges all the way up hill. The surrounding trails are a nice alternative though and are flanked by yellow and purple blooms right now. And top it all off – At the top there’s a great panoramic view of Los angeles that on clear days you can see from Santa Monica to Downtown.

Rise Nation. After good old fashioned fresh air, I think I frequent Rise Nation on Melrose the most often. The classes are only 30 minutes, but you sweat. It’s some where between climbing, running-in-place and rowing. The instructors there are a blast, they play heart pumping tunes and you’re in and out with a full body work out in one half hour comedy. It’s on the second floor of a building in the middle of West Hollywood that’s got a great scenic patio to cool down on and stretch afterwards.

Cycle House. This place can feel intimidating at first. The instructors are intense and not afraid to push you. This is the first cycling place I’ve been to, but I really love it. It’s pretty convenient for me to get to, and it’s just a great way to get out any aggression. I love the sort of pack mentality the class can get into and keeping my cycling in tune with the banging rhythms. The music here does not disappoint. You get to ride to the likes or Rihanna, Drake and Beyonce. Also they’ve got cold eucalyptus towels and fresh fruit waiting for you afterwards. win, win, win.

Modo Yoga. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Modo Yoga, but it’s an old staple in my book. I used to have an unlimited pass there and during that time I got pretty toned. It’s hot yoga, so prepare to sweat! I loved the different style of classes they offered, from Yang Yin (a standing series), to various flow based classes. They also offer their staple Modo classes that have a nice mix of styles with the option of silent or soundtrack. That’s the only place where this place faltered. Some peoples playlist got a yoga F.

*gift from Nylon Bee

For Earth Day: 5 Green Beauty Brands I’m Loving Right Now

I like to think of myself as an eco conscious person. Think of myself… but I know I have a long way to go. This is a subject I want to expand upon on my blog and social media, but I am still in the process of figuring it all out for myself. Less waste, fast fashion, and even skincare. All things I want to explore and challenge myself with. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be 100% green in my beauty buying  (I like my Korean Skincare….) but it’s been a strong theme for me the last few months. So in honor of Earth Day here are 5 green leaning brands I’ve been loving as of late.

Uliv is a local California brand that I found out about at the Indie Beauty Expo this past January. They currently only offer one product, but it’s stellar. The Golden Chai Facial Souffle* is made up almost completely of natural ingredients, many organic and hand crafted. It smells fantastic, moisturizes really well and includes some of my favorite ingredients like Manuka Honey, Turmeric and Seabuckthorn.

I had the fortune of meeting Indie Lee herself a couple of weeks back. She was a pleasure. She’s got a zest for life and it shows in her products. I first fell for her cleaners, the Rosehip and then the Brightening, both are refreshing and gentle on the skin. I’ve also really been enjoying the CoQ10 Toner as well, it smells divine. And recently I started incorporating her Squalene Oil and my face just drinks it up.

I’d been eyeing Leahlani Skincare for months via Instagram. The products are gorgeously packaged, and I was happy that when I got my hands on several items that the outside matched the inside. So far I’ve tested two masks, The Honey Love  and the Mermaid Mask, both are sensorial skin treats. The Aloha Ambrosia Elixir* sinks in beautifully and The Bless Beauty Balm* is in a world of its own.

I’ve been slowly testing out offerings from newer skincare brand Farmacy. The line is built around a unique powerhouse strain of echinacea and they use a lot of natural ingredients in their formulations. The Coconut Gel Sheet Masks are fantastic and I got a deluxe sample of the Honey Savior Salve and its the perfect handbag companion (they should really sell it in a mini size, the large looks a little big for the purse) I’ve also been enjoying their two newest launches the Green Clean Cleansing Balm* and the Green Screen Sunscreen*. Reviews to come for both!

By far one of the most luxurious brands I have every tried, de Mamiel is in a category all her own. So far I have only tested the Restorative Cleansing Balm, but it is an indulgent ritual experience for the skin. The smell is transfixing, and I love massaging it onto my face and letting it sit for 30 minutes as a mask. The line is hand batched in small quantities and made with thoughtful organic ingredients. The formulation list is an herbal lovers dream. I’ve got the Pure Calm Cleansing Dew and Exhale Daily Moisturizing Nectar on the way and cant wait to dive into this range further.

*Pr Samples, Gifts from brands.

Get to Know CLE’s Inventive Products

This minimalist brand is anything but boring…

Over the last few months I’ve been testing out loads of new things. From eyeshadows to eye masks: I’ve been trying to sniff out the some of the next it thing’s. And let me tell you, CLE is it. This minimalistic California/Korean brand is a fun, streamed lined take on beauty. CLE (or Creative Lass Esthetic) really reminds me of Glossier, yet more refined. It’s hip, but laid back, it’s cool but timeless, it’s artsy, but fun. Just look at the brands Instagram… so chic!  Am I making any sense? Regardless, lets get on with what I’ve been trialling from them….

The Melting Lip Powders are a fun take on a matte lip and they give a great dose of beauty entertainment. They can be used for both lip and cheek, and I think they really shine as blushes. Especially the orange one, Ultra Summer, it’s been perfect for spring. The brown shade, Hot Coco, has been nice when I’m feeling a monochromatic sort of makeup day, using it on my lips and face.

The big draw back thought is that they are not terribly long lasting on the lips but seem fine on my cheeks. I really love some of their other colors, like the Barbie Pink. Hopefully they expand the range with some dusty rose colors and an a deep oxblood. That would look stunning.

The Radiant Skin Melting Cleanser is a wonderful basic cleanser. I’d say it’s pretty similar to the Milky Jelly Cleanser from Glossier but more silky. It lives some where between an oil and a gel, not too dissimilar feeling to some thicker Korean Essences.

It’s non foaming, so it doesn’t leave me feeling squeaky (which I think is a good thing) but creates a sort of slip on the skin. It does an okay job with removing makeup, but not hardy enough to break down all my eye makeup or hefty bases. I like using it in the shower, as it does well on wet skin. It rinses off without any residue but leaves my face still pretty hydrated for cleansing.

By far though my favorite product I’ve tested would be the Radiant Skin CCC Cream. This is formulated with Micro Capsule Technology, so it comes out white but as you blend it into the skin it transforms into a pigmented base. The CCC Cream has a silky, satin sort of finish that sits really well on the face and feels lightweight. It looks very fresh and skin like…. Think IT Cosmetics CC Cream, but a lot less dewy.

I’ve found that it can be built up to a solid medium coverage, and lasts pretty long. Light is a great color match for me right now, but might be too pale come the middle of summer. Also it does a good job of color correcting and covering up the abundance of redness I’ve got going on right now

Expect to see this a lot around here and on my YouTube. It’s potential HG status for me. There are a couple of draw backs to note though. Too much product can easily come out, so I’ve found storing it upside down best for portion control.  And one nit picky thing, it gets dirty looking quickly and the metallic brand letter is coming off…  It’s pretty much all gone at this point… beginning to think I am either to rough on my products or have some sort of weird oil production on my fingers because all my stuff  (not just CLE) look bad fast very fast. Any tips for this messy kid?

Credo Comes to LA

Los Angeles’s busy West 3rd Street has landed it’s very own clean beauty emporium. Credo opened its first Los Angeles destination early February, joining the likes of Murad, Benefit, Aesop and Face Haus on the busy shopping stretch.

Always on the hunt for the new thing, I stopped in at the new location a couple of weeks back to see the beautiful blue open air space for myself. It is a welcome shopping experience. Clean, crisp and well organized, it makes it easy to spot old favorites and find new discoveries.

Skincare wise they carry classics like Indie Lee, Tata Harper and budget friendly Acure, along with up in comers like Susanne Kaufmann and Lilfox. And they have testers for everything!

I booked a mini facial with the lovely Allison. She was refreshing, honest, had a passion for skincare and very soothing hands. The Mini Facials are a great opportunity to test out products you’ve had your eye on and discover new ones you might have never noticed.

I really appreciated Allison’s candor when I was selecting products. After telling her some of my skin concerns and what I liked in products she helped guide my selection to what you see above.

I’ve been curious about In Fiore and Kari Gran but didn’t know where to start. I really enjoyed the calming oil she selected from In Fiore  and the luxurious scent of Kari Grans Lavender Hydrating Spray. Both are now on future shopping lists.

I’ve also been wanting to explore more Tata Harper and Kypris, two brands that can been a steep indulgence. The Tata Harper Nourishing Cleanser was lovely, as expected, and the Kypris Glow Philtre Mask just wasn’t for me.

The real stand out from the facial was Lilfox’s Jungle Glow. Allison’s most enthusiastic recommendation, and I can see why. The Enzyme Cleanser and Mask is a real skin treat! It wraps you in the scent of Manuka Honey, Cacao, Neroli and Grapefruit and is packed with antioxidant rich Rosehip and Passion fruit oils. I loved it so much I had to leave with one of my own. (Also loved it so much you can see it in my recent Skincare Favorites).

Along with Minis Facials and Makeup Application the shop has a it very own Tata Harper Spa. The room is a beautiful Tata green and I can’t wait to book myself in for one of these facials. 

After my mini facial I meandered through the beauty section. I swatched the likes of RMS, Vapour and finally got to see the much Instagram’d Kjaer Weis and Ritual De Fille in person.

I believe they offer Brow Services in addition to the Makeup Applications along with Clean Beauty Swaps where you can bring in old favorites and they’ll help you find a clean, green alternative.

They have several upcoming events, like Master Classes with both Indie Lee herself and Osea founder Jennifer Palmer, both you can bet I’ve already signed up for! If you live in the LA area I highly recommend stopping in at this welcoming shopping experience, you wont be disappointed!

Hello Rose by Pixi

this new kit from Pixi arrives just in time for spring!

Pixi was a brand that was a straight up mystery to me for years. I first took note of its elevated blush pink and pastel green packaging several years back when I was rushing through target tying to get in and out with only the essentials (as is the challenge with any target run).

I finally got to exploring the brand via the Skincare range via the cult classic Glow Tonic (thanks to Caroline Hirons) and later falling for the Milky Mist (thanks to the Anna Edit).

This little set, The Hello Rose, is my first time though testing out anything from their makeup line and I’m very happy with the results!

The Glow Booster is a lovely sheer pearly peach pink. It’s a very hydrating cream formula, that gives a lovely lit from within finish to the skin. It layered well under several different foundation formulas I tested it with but also gives a lovely diffusion to the skin on my no-to-low makeup sort of days.

The Beauty Blush Duo is perfect for some one of my skin tone, but potentially might not be enough for anyone deeper. The blush side is a lovely dusty rose that I’ve been very into for this last year. It’s refined yet cheerful. The highlight is a pale yellow gold that is a tad too much on the sparkles for me, but swirled into the blush adds a nice bit of radiance and dimension to my face.

The LipLift Max in Sheer Rose has a refreshing minty sent and has cemented it self in my handbag. In part because I’m addicted to mint (I really think Altoids should sponsor me) and also for it’s glossy hydrating finish. After a winter of bold liquid lipsticks a sheer glossy rose is what I need. It’s low maintenance, pairs well with lip liners and tops any one of the dusty nudes I’ve been into lately rather nicely (So into, I made a video you can watch here!).

The Hello Rose Kit is available at Target, In store and Online, as well as though Pixi’s website.

Pixi’s range is quite extensive, so please let me know what I should dive into next- both makeup and skincare wise. I’ve heard many a YouTuber claim the Correction Concentrate is a dupe for Becca’s Under Eye Brightener… Maybe that will be next?

Full Discloser! I did receive the Hello Glow Kit complimentary because I am a part of the Pixi Ambassador Program. If you are a content creator and like Pixi, I highly recommend Applying~

The Lip Pencil by Bite Beauty

the lip only brand has finally released it’s version of a liner. 

I’ve got a feeling 2017 is gonna be a Lip Liner heavy year. Not that they were ever out of fashion, but with how things come and go in waves, I bet top dollar that they will have a sizable splash this year. Case and point, the new The Lip Pencils from Bite Beauty.

I was excited to learn that Influenster and Bite Beauty were teaming up for The Lip Pencil launch. The Multisticks were one of my favorite discoveries of 2016 so I was eager to test out more from the Canadian brand.

I received my free voxbox back in early February and have spent the last few weeks giving them a thorough testing. (also give my 1st impressions a watch!)

I received one nude shade, 020, and a deep vampy one, 044 along with two Amuse Bouche mini lipsticks and a Sephora Collection Sharpener. The formula is indeed pigmented, and very very soft. So soft, that it’s nearly impossible to keep a sharp point. That does make creating a detailed fine line tricky but I prefer nub tips like the Marc Jacobs Poutliner anyways. So its a lose-win really.

like I mentioned, they are so pigmented that with one swip are nearly opaque and can easily be filled in and worn solo. Also back to the soft thing, they feel super hydrating on the lips (must be the Shea butter and Castor oil) which creates a nice moisturized base for any matte lipstick you top them off with.

From top to bottom The Lip Pencil in 020, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb, The Lip Pencil in 044 and Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Whiskey.

But with them being so hydrating does cause a bit of unwanted bleeding especially on the the darker color 044 I received, so be warned.

Another annoyance is the packaging. It is very sleek looking, but the cap is very problematic and easily pops off. Also the pencil itself can be easily scratched up and is hard to keep clean looking. (I tried my damnedest to make them nice for these photos, but you can see the dings if you give the photos a stare)

I am not the most delicate person on my products, but I feel like the higher the price tag the sturdy it should be….  But back to the positive, the formula is very lovely, and I just wished it had a different casing, like a larger jumbo pencil structure. THEN The Lip Pencils would be something I’d be investing in. The shade range is extensive and a few caught my eye last time I was at Sephora.

The voxbox also included two of the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. I received both Honeycomb and Whisky, and am quite enamored with the feel and color of these lipsticks. The Amuse Bouche range is what Bite is known for so it was lovely to see that the hype was worth while. I can see myself picking up a few of these full size in the near future like Verbena or Nori.

I appreciate brands that do one thing and do it well, much like Bite Beauty and their range of lip products, but The Lip Pencils unfortunately didn’t tick all the marks for me. Have you tested these news guys? How did they stack up for you? What next from the Bite range should I seek out? Let a girl know!

Oh, and did I mention my video on these? Have a watch and hit subscribe!