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Current Favorites | The (mostly) Skincare Edition

Okay short attention span friends, here is the finale to my Current Favorites. AND, lucky for you, one of my shortest videos yet! (high fives self). I posted my Current Makeup Favorites last week (watch and read it here!) But now here is all the goop skincare wise (mostly) I’ve been slathering onto this body as of late. The video has the scoop, but there’s some sneak peaks and an abbreviated rundown below!

I have not used faked tan since I turned myself into a streaked orange mess in grade school (which ultimately resulted in wearing long pants and sleeves in 90 degree weather). Since my wedding was coming up I wanted to add a little bit of color to this strobelight complexion of mine. I found some easy success with St Tropez’s In Shower Tan. A little pricey, but pretty fool proof for the tanning idiot like myself.

st tropez in shower tan morrocanoil hair treatment oil

Hair wise, I’ve been slipping some of Morrocanoil’s famous Hair Treatment on to these tresses of mine. The scent reminds me of walking the Jasmine lined streets of Italy, Oh and it works pretty damn well too.

sunday riley luna sleeping night oil retinol blue tansy

For the face, in terms of oil, I’ve been using both Trilogy’s Organic Rosehip Oil (read review here, and another video with it here!) and Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil this summer. Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil has been a free radical fighting, moisturizing savior and I have Luna to thank for combating my terrible skin from eating to much cheese and wine these past months. I originally was pretty meh about Luna (review here) but I gave it a 2nd chance, and it was worth it! Time to make an update addendum to that review I guess.

karuna sheet masks brightening age defying exfoliating

Karuna Sheet Masks have been a staple of mine for years, and it was time I gave them a proper shout out. They are local here to LA (Yay!) and really give your skin a super shot of glow. They’ve often got some great deals going via their direct website ($20 off code here!) and I fricking love grabbing the Sampler Pack when it’s on promotion! Great way to test out a bunch!

There’s a couple more favorites that are not pictured above, but I’ve got to give you some incentive to watch my videos! If you haven’t already, go check out my Current Favorites pt. 1! There are some amazing makeup discoveries in there… Most of which I wore on my wedding day! Hope you all are having a lovely end of summer! Please let me know what you’ve been digging as of late, I love hearing what’s been floating y’alls boats!

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