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December Favorites

I know a lot of us in the blog world forgo the December favorites in favor of a yearly round up post or video, but in November and December I tested out way more products than I normally do that I just couldn’t wait for my big 2016 beauty retrospective.

I think face wise there is something in every category this go around from Foundation to Lips, there’s a bit of it all. I’ve got two new Holy Grail’s in there: the Heimish Artless Glow Base, and the Air Blush from Marc Jacobs (I fell for Flesh and Fantasy just like every one else, it really is the blush that goes with everything).

I found it odd that I haven’t seen anyone else talking about the new Luminizing Drops from Algenist. They have an incredible glow, and Rose is such a unique but flattering lavender highlight. I also hit up a few sales to test out a some hyped up products that lucky weren’t duds, looking at you Artis Oval 6, you make my foundation look good!

I’ll spare being too redundant by listing anymore since I ramble on for nearly 15 minutes in the video down below… Enjoy!

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