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Discover Natural Beauty Brand URB Apothecary

Since I’m such a big natural beauty lover I get excited when I come across new sources. My latest find came via Instagram. When I was searching down some random skincare hashtag I came across URB Apothecary‘s stunning designs and alluring ingredients lists.

The line was started by Leyna Allred in Northern California with the desire to reconnect with simple chemical free ingredients. The line reflects that with being free of parbens, preservatives, and chemical additives. Each product seems carefully crafted to include an ingredient list of powerful herbs and is cruelty free.

Leyna was very generous and sent me both the Prickly Pear Elixir and the Cactus Face Polish. I’ve pretty much used them both all up and they are indeed stellar.


The Prickly Pear Elixir is a gorgeous blend of Pomegranate, Rosehip and of course Prickly Pear. All three oils have high amounts of skin nourishing antioxidants, something I desperately need here in Los Angeles. I’ve been a huge fan of both Rosehip and Pomegranate oils and can now include Prickly Pear on that list as well. It’s packed with Fatty Acids like Omega 6 and 9 along hydrating Vitamin E. It also contains collagen stimulating Amino Acids and brightening Vitamin K, making it an all around good daily oil.

Although I had only a trial size, I was able to get a solid 2-3 weeks out of it. It’s extremely hydrating, and the blend of essential oils like Clary Sage, and Geranium help clarify the skin, while the addition of Immortelle helps to restore and calm. I really enjoyed using it and think it would do well for most all skin types, but especially those with mature skin or looking for something to pack a punch with natural anti aging.


The Cactus Face Polish is a great exfoliating treatment for the skin. It’s unique in that it uses nutrient rich Nopal Cactus powder as one of it’s physical exfoliants. Nopal Catus is packed with acne fighting Magnesium, nourishing Vitamin A, and brightening Vitamin C. The formula also contains one of my personal favorite herbs, Horsetail. Horsetail is great at toning skin, being both anti bacterial, anti acne, along with being very calming. It’s a great herb both topically for skin and hair as well as taken internally for vitality. The ingredient list rounds out with Lemon Peel extract, Jojo oil, Rose and another favorite for me, Camellia seed oil.

The Cactus Face Polish can also double up as a mask. I like using it in the AM to exfoliate my skin, then let it sit on my face before I hop in the shower. It smells like a heavenly cup of fresh green tea, and is surprisingly hydrating will also being darn good at exfoliating.

I really enjoyed using up both of these products (well, still got a few more uses left with the Face Polish) and am eager to test out more from this line! I’ve got my eye on their Palo Santo Body Oil and the newly launched Highlighters and Bronzers (fingers crossed they come out with more natural makeup products). URB’s got some great gift bundles right now perfect for the beauty and herb lovers out there this holiday season! Give ‘um a look!

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  1. Have you seen or felt a noticeable result using the cactus face wash?

    I’ve been using my girlfriends for a while, i’m not sure the name, and I’m just looking around online for some good alternatives to try out.

    I never used any product on my face for like 15 years but the difference after just a few weeks of using hers was huge.

    Might have to give the cactus one a try!

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