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Falling for Tracy Reese’s Beautiful Floral Prints

Floral prints have a special place in my heart, as evident by my choice of bridesmaids dresses. I find a good floral pattern to actually be rather timeless, especially when the fit is on point.

I’ve been slowly growing my wardrobe garden with a bevy of all to similar looking midi skirts, as event here, here, and well here. But I’ve been hitting some luck with some full length numbers, that off the hanger, fit my short of stature frame.

This is where the Isla Floral Dress from Tracy Reese comes in. And my excuse to share these photos of me frolicking around the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Tracy Reese, the women, is a Detroit native, with a wonderfully inclusive mission statement ‘to make every woman feel beautiful.’ Her various ready to wear items evoke a retro, almost bohemian femininity, that embraces playful patterns, and beautiful bright colors. (Oh and she’s also dressed Michelle Obama too)

I’ve been loving a number of items from Tracy’s, I believe Anthropologie exclusive line, Plenty. Each items silhouette is said too ‘complements its wearer’s natural beauty, showcasing her inherent uniqueness and charm.’ that as evident with the Isla Floral Dress, I’ll admit excessive pictures I published, I totally agree.

I saw this dress on line in the new in section a while back, but the styling and pictures made me pass over it with out a thought. But in person, the greens are more vibrant, the print more eye catching and the fabric more soft and swishy.

When I picked up this piece I was on the hunt for a wedding guest dress. I knew the wedding was outdoors, but in Autumn in Chicago: so I needed something that could layer well, but also be comfortable enough if the sun poked her head out.

I also needed something that toed the line between cocktail hour formal, and day time garden party, because again, not sure what the wedding vibe was going to be. The dress, to me, at least, ended up checking all the boxes.

The weather ended up a bit stormy, so the ceremony was inside, but as the couple said their vows, the sun burst through, and blessed the last few hours of the day with the most epic golden pink sky, that basked everyone in a soft rose hue.

On that note- If you ever find yourself in the Chicago area, and can make the trek out to the Botanic Gardens, they are something to behold. We only got a short moment between the ceremony and reception to explore the grounds, but found a new enchanting corner at every turn.

In the case you happen to be crushing on Tracey’s designs yourself, I recommend slipping some on in person, the cuts seem to morph to each women’s individual shape, but… you can also scroll through a few options I found below. Enjoy!

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