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The Favorites | September to November

It’s been a tumultuous Autumn to say the least. For those of us here in the States, whatever side of the political aisle you find yourself on, we can agree on at least one thing- this election season has been fucking rough. Personally I was hoping the stress would diminish after election day, but for me, it’s only gotten worse.

But let’s not go down that road right now! On to happier things! Favorites! They have been a small beacon of shinning light for me these past months. Remembering to stop and enjoy the little things, however frivolous, makes my day move forward.


I think I took Retail Therapy a little to seriously judging by the massive influx of lip products I’ve accumulated recently. The main three I’ve been rocking in the most consistent rotation have got to be the Bite Beauty Multistick in Biscotti, Kat Von D Studded lipstick in Cathedral and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Kathryn. I know they all look basically the same in the picture and in the video… But I SWEAR they’re different. kinda.


I picked up a few new Elf Eyeshadow Brushes to help cash out a lingering Target gift card, and these were a great last minute decision! New favorites for sure! I’m consistently impressed with elf brushes, got any favorites from the line I need to know about?

Nail wise I’ve been re applying Camisole by China Glaze for the last 5 weeks. I love the look of metallic nails, and this light reflective copper color is very flattering on my pale skin tone, and forgiving of my terrible painting abilities.


It’s been a touch and go time for my skin lately. Between testing out too many products, poor hydration, stress and even some medications side effects, my skin has been paying the price. But Alas! Some products have helped me travel back to the recovery road! Hemish All Clean Balm has been my go-to for makeup removing. It’s got a really pleasing unique texture and gentle formula. I’m super intrigued by this Korean Brand- think I’ll be picking up some more from this line in the near future (i.e. tomorrow….)

The Face Moisturizer from Lyeska has been my hydration of choice for my fickle skin. I won’t blab too much about it since I recently did a review that you can read here. But long story short- it’s lovely. Congestion and discoloration wise RestAsphere by Kate Somerville has been a god send. Pretty bummed it’s about gone. And lastly I recently bit the bullet and purchased the full size of Cover FX’s Invisible Sunscreen after my deluxe sampler ran out. This is an awesome clear, fast absorbing, never greasy formula that makes for a great primer to boot.


I’m prone to lots of sinus issues and face puffiness because of my deviated septum, so I’ve gotta recommend my Jade Yu-Ling Roller if you deal with any face discomfort. These ancient beauty tools go for all price ranges. My Yu Ling one is on the moderate side but you can find lots of dupes on Etsy. The jade is super cooling on the face, and it’s just a plain stunning piece to have in my collection!


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught on that I’m a massive Mary Oliver fan. I’ve got handful of poems and quotes from her on there. Recently I’ve been feeling the romantic call, so I’ve been turing to her collection of love poems called Felicity. It’s such a perfect light read to muse your mind and your heart. Her poetry is stellar- I think people of all poetry loving degrees will enjoy her work! If your in the mood for a bit of a poetry reading… watch my video below! (don’t worry, no bongos… this time)

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