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Shopping List | Etsy

Shopping on Etsy is akin to an overstuffed discount department store. The racks are so full with stuff that product is spilling onto the floor, there’s not a soul in sight to help you, and good luck finding a place to try something on.

Well I’m a good friend. I rolled up my sleeves, broke a sweat, and uncovered these little treasures for you.

1. Upscale Hare


I want everything. Seriously. This ladies shit is so gorgeous and simple. The creator behind these pieces is Rachel Nash, a jeweler designer out of Brooklyn NY. Her items feature raw cut diamonds, rose gold and brass. Don’t you want? These earrings will be on my next wish list!


as will these bracelets.


and luckily this guy I already got for christmas! Thanks Jeff!

2. Amelia Mancini


Also out of Brooklyn NY is Amelia Mancini. I’ve been seeing her stuff pop up all over the place lately! Her delightfully charming designs are featured on clutches, tea towels and totes. I’ve been torn between the Joshua tree and the cactus pouch for months now. We’ll see which one makes it out of my cart and into my hands.



how could I ever wipe my mouth on this? it’s to nice!

3. Peg and Awl


A Husband and Wife team hailing from Philadelphia, Margaux and Walter Kent, seem to make it all. Tree swings, to jewelry, to waxed canvas bags, to hand bound books, Peg and Awl has a little bit of everything. I am particularly fond of the botanical rings. I wear my Feverfew one daily.



Their Instagram is lovely and features darling pictures of their two sons.

4. Danna Ray


From the Black Mountains of North Caroline, Danna Ray’s work is a welcome sight for any mountain dweller stuck in the city. Although her work is representative of the Eastern coast, her painting remind me of growing up in rural Washington near the Colombia river. Her paintings make me homesick for a clean breath of air and cold silent lake water.


My (future) mother-in-law gifted me this painting last year. I think of lake Roosevelt every time I pass it.


for more of her work, check out her website by clicking here.

5. House of Seance


Lara Minassian, frustrated for space with her ever expanding collection of beautiful vintage items, opened up her etsy shop, House of Seance, to share her treasures with the world. The shops stock changes often, and items range for Kilim rugs to vintage cake toppers. The prices are aspirational for me at the moment, but one day you’ll see me at dinner in one of her 1800s lace evening gowns.



Lara is also an artist, you can enjoy her colorful paintings by clicking here.


Hope you enjoyed these treasures! Happy Searching.



  1. This is really handy. Etsy can be a bit overwhelming to browse, especially if I’m not looking for anything specific. I haven’t bought too much but getting custom made stuff is the best thing about Etsy (for me).

    • lauren says

      I agree! Big fan of etsy, think most of the art in my house is from etsy by now… 🙂

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