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Give Back with W.ANT Skincare

Based in Singapore W.ANT Skincare makes a curated collection of skincare focused on non toxic and multi tasking products. They have a lovely mission statement of giving back, and of helping marginalised women in different countries. So with each purchase of W.ANT you are contributing to local communities of women in Bali, Indonesia and Benin, Africa.

W.ANT also focuses on sustainability, they do not have any box packaging, instead the product comes in a hand woven reusable bag made using a Balinese traditional method. I was super happy to test out there Cleansing Trio of this newer brand that has such lovely ingredients and an ethos to match.

The Beet This Honey Cleanser was my favorite product in the line up. I am a sucker for anything honey, so this was probably a sure thing from the get go. It is made with over 60% raw honey, and you can taste that. I’ve always found honey to be very soothing on my skin and great for break outs. I’ve been busting this cleanser out when my skin has needed something very gentle and healing. It’s not the best at removing makeup, so I prefer is for a second cleanser. Also it is a rather thick formula, so It works best with a warm face towel for removal.

The Ginger Clay Scrub Mask I a nice gentle scrub that’s not overly abrasive. I actually prefer something with a bit more grit so I instead like this best as a mask. It’s got a wonderfully simple formula: coconut, two types of clay and ginger. It has an almost savory tropical scent that I find very unique. I mix equal parts of water or  W.ANT’s own hydrosol with the powder to create a thick paste. I find that clay masks can be a little harsh as they dry so adding in a few drops of The Face oil from this range really helps.

The Facial Spritzer in this line was a surprise hit for me. I really love the sprayer on it, creates a nice even mist on the face. It also layers well with products and is great for a mask mixer. I used it with W.ANT’s own mask as well as some favorites from both Evan Healy and Leahlani.

The Face Oil is a nice mix of antioxidant rich oils like Rosehip, Kukui and Tamanu. It’s a rather light consistency that absorbs well. I can’t speak to much to it since the vial I have is only a sample, but it’s been a nice moisturizer and mixer in masks.

If you are interested in checking out W.ANT you can find them here!

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