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Introducing Nylon Bee & My Favorite LA Work Outs

There’s two things I want to talk about in todays post – Nylon Bee and My Favorite LA Work Outs. Both fitness, which is a departure for me, but I’ve been aching to stretch my content so here we go… (nice puns right?!?)

Lets start with Nylon Bee. You might have seen the skincare brand Lyeska mentioned around these parts a few times… here, here and well here. The Brooklyn based skincare line was founded by the lovely Katya Hegg, the line is full of great, antioxidant rich, natural products. Katya reached out to me a few weeks back letting me in on a new business venture she was working on. She’s partnered with Carla Susanto to launch a curated activewear website geared toward busy ladies like myself who want to look top notch while working out with out paying a premium.

I loved the concept. They sell an awesome selection of colorful basics and muted staples to get your work out on with. The two pieces I tested out are honestly the nicest work out wear I’ve ever had the pleasure to sweat my ass off in. The Karma Evelyn Bra* has a nice high impact support so I love it for running or doing intense interval work outs at the likes of Barry’s Bootcamp or Burn 60. AND did you see the strappy back? Gorgeous.

The Toughen Up Emana* leggings by Liquido are sliming and have uber cool detailing. They make me feel like I almost fit in at the hip hollywood Cycle House, and a lot less gremlin like while waiting in line for my cold brew at Alfred’s after. I know, I’m sounding way fancier than I really am. I guess that’s part of the point. šŸ™‚

So if you are on the hunt for chic threads for working out in and like supporting women entrepreneurs please check out their website here!

Secondly, My favorite Los Angeles Work Outs.

Hiking. When ever I get the chance, or time rather, I choose a nice free stroll out in nature. There’s a plethora of hikes in the LA area but if I can’t make the trek out, I am super fortunate to live very close to the Baldwin Hills Stairs (as pictured in this post).

The stairs are intense and sure to make you achy for days. Think lunges all the way up hill. The surrounding trails are a nice alternative though and are flanked by yellow and purple blooms right now. And top it all off – At the top there’s a great panoramic view of Los angeles that on clear days you can see from Santa Monica to Downtown.

Rise Nation. After good old fashioned fresh air, I think I frequent Rise Nation on Melrose the most often. The classes are only 30 minutes, but you sweat. It’s some where between climbing, running-in-place and rowing. The instructors there are a blast, they play heart pumping tunes and you’re in and out with a full body work out in one half hour comedy. It’s on the second floor of a building in the middle of West Hollywood that’s got a great scenic patio to cool down on and stretch afterwards.

Cycle House. This place can feel intimidating at first. The instructors are intense and not afraid to push you. This is the first cycling place I’ve been to, but I really love it. It’s pretty convenient for me to get to, and it’s just a great way to get out any aggression. I love the sort of pack mentality the class can get into and keeping my cycling in tune with the banging rhythms. The music here does not disappoint. You get to ride to the likes or Rihanna, Drake and Beyonce. Also they’ve got cold eucalyptus towels and fresh fruit waiting for you afterwards. win, win, win.

Modo Yoga. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Modo Yoga, but it’s an old staple in my book. I used to have an unlimited pass there and during that time I got pretty toned. It’s hot yoga, so prepare to sweat! I loved the different style of classes they offered, from Yang Yin (a standing series), to various flow based classes. They also offer their staple Modo classes that have a nice mix of styles with the option of silent or soundtrack. That’s the only place where this place faltered. Some peoples playlist got a yoga F.

*gift from Nylon Bee

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