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LA BEAUTY | Nails, Eyebrows, and Korean Spas

You really have the pick of the litter here in LA when it comes to Beauty! This city is packed with nail salons, beauty stores, dry bars, tanning salons, estheticians, colorists, and spas of all kinds. For all price points! If you are into it, LA’s got it, in spades. Here starts my inaugural LA Beauty Favorites post!

LA BEAUTY Benefit Brow Bar

When it comes to eyebrows, the Benefit store on Third Street is my favorite. I think almost all the staff has waxed this brow of mine by this point. I’ve been going there for years. I’ve deviated a few times to test out other places but I always end up back there. They do a great brow wax, thread, and lash or eyebrow tint. They are good about walk ins, but I also like the ease of their online booking system. The staff there is great fun. Benefit is a pink colored eyebrow mecca.

LA BEAUTY Yen's Nails

It is crazy the amount of nail salons there are in LA. And I have been disappoint by dozens. My current favorite is Yen’s Nails, also on Third Street. This small boutique salon is one of the prettiest and cleanest I have stepped into. I love the fact that they have a smaller selection of great and high quality colors, I seriously get overwhelmed by too many choices. All the staff does an amazing job, but if you are lucky to get Yen herself, you will be extra pleased. They also have pretty great pricing. You can get a gel set for only $26!

My other go-to Nail Salon is Pampered Hands. This place has to mentioned, it’s like a beauty institution here in LA. Nestled next to a shitty taco place on Melrose, they have an un godly amount of colors. They can get pretty expensive, especially with a gel polish starting at $40! They do have a frequent customer card, but it can only be cashed in for a basic manicure. I love all the fun free amenities they offer, like quick neck messages, a plethora of snack bowls and even boba tea! This place is not the most relaxing, but my god you can eavesdrop on some amazing conversations and do some incredible people watching. This is the knock off Kardashian watering hole! I once overheard a girl giving prostitution tips for moving to Vegas. 🙂 Love this place.

LA BEAUTY Olympic Spa Korean Spa

If someone asked me to name my top 5 favorite things about LA, Korean Spas would for sure make that list. We are so blessed in LA with these inexpensive indulgent places. I’ve been to a couple over the years, but keep coming back to Olympic Spa. For $20 you can hang out here all day and enjoy the different pools, saunas and rooms. My personal favorites are the Mugwort pool and Himalayan Salt room. I was nervous at first about the idea of hanging out naked in the presence of other women, but I got over it really quickly! It’s actually really nice and sorta comforting being around so many women of different shapes, backgrounds and ages. Everyone is just here to relax.

The food here is also great and they use some lovely products in their services! (Like Darphin!) I love splurging on the Goddess Treatment or a basic foot rub when I can. I’ve gotten the Facial here, but would not recommend it, too rough (But I’ll talk more about that in another post!). Stick to the massages, and body scrubs! If you are in LA, or coming some time soon, Korean Spas are a must!

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