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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Skincare

Honestly this should be titled the I don’t give a F about skincare but I want good skin guide. Because A) Gender Neutrality… guys want nice skin too! and B) Most all the ‘Lazy Girl’ skin care guides I’ve read aren’t really for the lazy.

If you know what a cleansing oil is or what acid toning means, then you’re probably not that lazy…  and this post might not be for you. But please, feel free to send it to your sloth friends who want their skin cake and eat it too.

I wont go too in depth, hence only three suggestions, but the post is loaded with useful advice AND a ton of pictures, because hey, shiny visual references to keep your attention!

1. Make Small Changes to Cleansing

My first suggestions for those who don’t give two shits about a skin care routine is to just make a couple of small changes to how you wash your face.

You probably don’t use a makeup remover or even own one. So just follow the old rinse and repeat with the face wash you already have. Lather up once and rinse: This will remove most of your makeup and sunscreen. Then lather up a second time and rinse away: This will actually clean your skin. If you don’t double cleanse you risk leaving behind traces of makeup on your face which can lead to acne. Also any skin beneficial ingredients in your cleanser won’t get a chance to do their job since they’re never really touching your face by just getting the gunk off.

The second part of this tip is to make sure to wash your face last. You’re probably washing your face 90% of the time in the shower and cleaning yourself in order of whatever is closest to grab. If you can remember, make washing your face the last thing you do before you get out of the shower. Suds from shampoo & conditioner and even residue from your toothpaste can linger on your skin, potentially irritating and clogging up your pores. Waiting until the very end gives you a little bit more insurance that you’re actually fresh faced!

2. Invest in Multifunctional Products

If the idea of owning a plethora of different products for a myriad of reasons sounds like a big fat hassle, then I suggest investing in a few products that do a lot. There are hundreds of products on the market that combine so many skin care steps into just one. Streamlining your products could be a quick answer to some skin care concerns you might be facing. I’ve got a few examples for your shopping list below:

For the Exceptionally Lazy


A lot of body washes out there can also be cleansers, and visa versa. Avene makes a cleanser that can be used ALL OVER YOUR BODY. No separate face and body wash needed. It’s pretty gentle and does a great job at removing excess sebum (stuff that can clog your pores). And it’s French, so you can feel fancy too.

BB & CC Creams are a great all in one Skin-Care-Meets-Makeup-And-Then-Some Product. Dr Jart+ is sorta the king of BB creams, there’s practically one for every concern. Dis-A-Pore is good for oily skin types and helps treat blemishes. Both Black Label Detox and Premium have anti-aging properties, with Detox focusing a little more on dark spots and Premium on firmness. They all kinda do a lot of the same things though, while all providing SPF and some light coverage.

IT Cosmetics makes an incredible CC Cream. It’s ingredient list might be as long as I am tall, but it’s never irritated my skin. It’s pretty much a full coverage foundation, contains a high SPF, and is loaded with hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. If you don’t have crazy dry skin, you might even be able to get away without a moisturizer underneath. I could sing this products praises more, but you probably don’t care. But if you do, read more about it here!

For the Sorta Lazy


Oils are a great option for someone wanting one thing that does a whole lot. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil and Acure’s Marula Oil are both great moisturizers packed with vitamins and antioxidants (i.e: things that make your skin withstand the elements and environment better…) These oils are super multifunctional. They are great on the face but can be used all over the body, including your hair. Oils will help your skin (and hair) glow.

Moisturizing is pretty damn important. I think a good moisturizer can make a huge difference in your skin. Most moisturizers do more then just lock in hydration these days, they can also help combat any number of complexion issues you’re facing.

Sunday Riley’s Tidal is packed with enzymes, so it will slightly exfoliate the skin creating a brightening effect. It’s light whipped texture is suitable for all skin types especially oily. I always point people towards Jurlique’s Calendula Cream if they have sensitive skin that’s prone to redness and inflammation. Shikai’s Borage Facial Moisturizer is an all time favorite of mine. Borage is rich in Vitamin A, so it’s an excellent anti-aging option. And last to name drop is Josie Maran’s Daily Moisturizer, this guy is pretty thick feeling, so those on the oily side might not get along. But it’s packed with nutrient rich Argan oil and has one hell of a high SPF.

For The Almost Not Lazy


Mask-to-Cleanser products are nothing new (#Throwback #Neutrogena #Highschool) but they sure are getting popular again! If you feel like doubling up some skincare action, Mask/Cleansers are a great option. You can slap it on, putter around your house for a bit, then wash it off. Easy Peasy.

Dr. Jart+ makes a collection of clay masks that transform into gentle foaming cleansers. Clay is great for detoxing and decongesting your skin while also slightly exfoliating. Like Dr. Jart+’s BB Creams, there’s a few different to choose from, with just slight variations depending on your preference. The final product push I’ll make on you is Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Cleansing Balm. I did a long ass review a few months ago if you’re interested…. This cleansing balm doubles as a superb hydrating mask with a bunch of skin enriching ingredients, but also does a darn good job of cleaning the face!

3. Just Pay Someone Else to Do It

If you’ve got the time and money I highly suggest investing in facials and making that dermatologist visit you keep putting off.

You probably are not interested in doing at home detoxing masks, routine exfoliation and the occasional peel. These and other steps really help the health and glow of your skin. By getting a facial you get all the pampering you can’t muster to give yourself and you just get to lay there! There are cheaper places popping up that do ‘express’ facials for less then your normal 60-90 minute affair. Also if you get a good esthetician (I suggest going to a well reviewed and/or a highly recommended one from someone you know), they should be able to read your skin and address any concerns you might have while taking into consideration your interest in it all.

A dermatologist can give you practical AND medical advice. They can administer some more intense, but highly effective treatments. Also they have the power to prescribe you powerful products you can’t get over the counter.

A lot of dermatologist, and estheticians for that matter, can get a little pushy with products, especially when it’s their own brand. That doesn’t mean that they wont have excellent recommendations. Just be upfront about not wanting too many products in your life and they (hopefully) wont overload you.

Speaking of overload, this word count has breached 1,200! Time to wrap it up. I hope this was some help to those lazy folks and dedicated skin care fans alike out there! Did you find anything new and useful? I too was once overwhelmed about skincare and just couldn’t be bothered… but just look at me know! Obsessed and writing about it on the internet! 🙁


  1. I love this because I can be pretty lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin. I just don’t have the time in between blogging, my regular job, and exercising. So for you to lay it all out this way is so helpful. I love that some of it is pretty easy and cost effective. Duh wash your face before you walk outta the shower! Why didn’t I think of that! Thanks so much for this list!

    Danielle | <3

  2. Good post. It is very important to take care of your skin if you want to keep it looking good. You gave some good tips for lazy people.

  3. Oh my gosh…I am so lazy lately. I have a clarisonic and it is hardly ever charged. It literally washes your face for you and I can’t seem to charge it….like, what? haha. Most nights, I just use toner on a pad to “wash” my face…even all of my makeup off, I know horrible. And I basically sleep in my eye makeup most nights. I am going to Lush this tuesday [my favorite place on the planet] and hoping it will inspire me to wash my face better with some new products. I love clay masks! And waiting to wash your face until the end of your shower is something I have never thought about…great idea!

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