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Let’s Have A Talk About Ouai Hair Care

You know, that Kardashian brand you’ve seen EVERYWHERE.

I have a nasty habit of hating on super hyped items. When I see it all over the place I just double down on my dubious attitude towards it. I for sure got that way about Ouai haircare: every youtuber, beauty editor and blogger was raving about it. I felt very shilled to.

But after the initial launch loads of people were still talking about it, so my curiosity perk up. If people are still into something after the brands newness wears off then there’s gotta be something there… right?

This was my thinking behind purchasing The Style Edit Kit around thanksgiving last year (crazy to call that last year). I’ve played with it for a few months now and can finally give an honest assessment- even if I’m still on the fence about a few things. (this particular set is currently out of stock, but here’s one similar.)

Let’s talk the negative first, and probably the part you care less about it- The Hair Ties. They are a headache in a piece of white elastic. Although sturdy and durable, just not my cup of tea. Way too tight for this sensitive brain.

Okay now that is out of the way (or should I say Ouai… can’t help myself) Let’t talk about my favorite product in this set, the Finishing Creme. I really enjoyed this stuff. So much so that I plan to buy the full size very soon. It adds shine, smooths my dry ends and smells like intoxicating Jasmine. I loved the piecey texture it gave my curls (very model off duty) and appreciate that it has a heat protectant in it, something this hot iron addict needs.

The Wave Spray is something I ended up coming around to liking. I’m not the biggest user of salt sprays and the like, (and I usually make my own) but I came to enjoy the tousled dimension it added to my hair on non heat styled days. I liked the added texture it gave my air dried hair which is ironically what I didn’t like that it did to my hair when I had curled it with a wand. Something about it just works better with the consistency of my hair when it hasn’t been altered by heat.

The Texturing Hair Spray I still don’t have a firm opinion on. I really like the way it looks when I initially spray it on my hair (heat style only here) but find that it doesn’t hold that bounce it gives for very long, and can easily be too gritty feeling. I need a couple more styles to suss it out completely. But for being the most raved product in the line, it’s been the most disappointing to me.

I’ve since purchased the small Treatment Mask set and really liked the results: smooth, velvety, healthy looking hair. The Hair Oil is the other item from Ouai I keep hearing great things about. It and the full size Finishing Creme have been sitting in my Sephora cart for a couple of days… Any thoughts on the oil? Have you tried anything from Ouai haircare?

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  1. Honestly, I had NO idea Ouai is a Kardashian brand… I’ve been wanting to try their products. Thanks for sharing these products! x

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