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The Lip Pencil by Bite Beauty

the lip only brand has finally released it’s version of a liner. 

I’ve got a feeling 2017 is gonna be a Lip Liner heavy year. Not that they were ever out of fashion, but with how things come and go in waves, I bet top dollar that they will have a sizable splash this year. Case and point, the new The Lip Pencils from Bite Beauty.

I was excited to learn that Influenster and Bite Beauty were teaming up for The Lip Pencil launch. The Multisticks were one of my favorite discoveries of 2016 so I was eager to test out more from the Canadian brand.

I received my free voxbox back in early February and have spent the last few weeks giving them a thorough testing. (also give my 1st impressions a watch!)

I received one nude shade, 020, and a deep vampy one, 044 along with two Amuse Bouche mini lipsticks and a Sephora Collection Sharpener. The formula is indeed pigmented, and very very soft. So soft, that it’s nearly impossible to keep a sharp point. That does make creating a detailed fine line tricky but I prefer nub tips like the Marc Jacobs Poutliner anyways. So its a lose-win really.

like I mentioned, they are so pigmented that with one swip are nearly opaque and can easily be filled in and worn solo. Also back to the soft thing, they feel super hydrating on the lips (must be the Shea butter and Castor oil) which creates a nice moisturized base for any matte lipstick you top them off with.

From top to bottom The Lip Pencil in 020, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb, The Lip Pencil in 044 and Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Whiskey.

But with them being so hydrating does cause a bit of unwanted bleeding especially on the the darker color 044 I received, so be warned.

Another annoyance is the packaging. It is very sleek looking, but the cap is very problematic and easily pops off. Also the pencil itself can be easily scratched up and is hard to keep clean looking. (I tried my damnedest to make them nice for these photos, but you can see the dings if you give the photos a stare)

I am not the most delicate person on my products, but I feel like the higher the price tag the sturdy it should be….  But back to the positive, the formula is very lovely, and I just wished it had a different casing, like a larger jumbo pencil structure. THEN The Lip Pencils would be something I’d be investing in. The shade range is extensive and a few caught my eye last time I was at Sephora.

The voxbox also included two of the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. I received both Honeycomb and Whisky, and am quite enamored with the feel and color of these lipsticks. The Amuse Bouche range is what Bite is known for so it was lovely to see that the hype was worth while. I can see myself picking up a few of these full size in the near future like Verbena or Nori.

I appreciate brands that do one thing and do it well, much like Bite Beauty and their range of lip products, but The Lip Pencils unfortunately didn’t tick all the marks for me. Have you tested these news guys? How did they stack up for you? What next from the Bite range should I seek out? Let a girl know!

Oh, and did I mention my video on these? Have a watch and hit subscribe!

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  1. Those colours are amazing.. they look so creamy too, perfect! Keep up all the hard work with your blog lovely, you are doing amazing! x

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