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A Look at the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst & Antioxidant Dew

This has been a post I’ve been meaning to write for months now. I’ve been testing Kypris Moonlight Catalyst and Antioxidant Dew on and off since Christmas time and just can’t really put a finger on how I feel about them. I am about a 2/3 done with the Moonlight Catalyst and just reached a little more then half way with the Antioxidant Dew.

So with that stated lets get into it… and why not just go ahead and start with the superficial. These are fucking beautiful looking. Big round of applause for who ever came up with the packaging. From the white boxes with silver details these come in to the midnight blue bottles with dreamy graphics, they really made me want these for that alone.

Now the company itself is very natural with its ingredients but has a strong emphasis on green science with its formulations. They are known for using high quality ingredients, but at very high prices. Their products start in the mid 60’s and go all the way up to over 200 dollars. I was really lucky though and snagged both these up at a greatly discounted rate during the holiday shopping season.

The Antioxidant Dew is probably Kypris most popular product. It’s a milky looking but silky feeling hydrating serum packed with active ingredients, 26 of them in fact. And that might be the problem for me. It has amazing stuff in it, but something in that long list has potentially not been sitting well with my skin.

I’ve pulled this out a few times and gave it a solid go and have had oddly placed breakouts each time. There is still the potential for coincidence with poor diet choices so I will be giving this another isolated trial before chucking it completely. I like to be very thorough.

It does really have amazing stuff in it though, some stuff my skin normally gets on very well with: like camellia, hyaluronic acid, tamanu and algae. I have a sneaking suspicion it might by the Comfrey in it that’s causing me issues. But I will be sure to report back.

There’s been one other things about this serum that’s made it hard for me to get my thoughts straight. It is often presented as a hydrating serum, something to add a glowy dew to the face. And although it does do that, I find myself using a lot to do so. If you have combo to oily skin the advertised couple of drops might be enough for you, but with my dry skin I found myself using large pipets full and quickly seeing the bottle diminish. And at 72 dollars a pop I had a small heart attack.

A lot of people tout the amazingness of this serum though, but a few have had reactions similar to mine (Anna from The Anna Edit for example) but like I said, I will give it one more go. I don’t want to be left out of the club. SO many people love this stuff!

On the other hand the Moonlight Catalyst and I have gotten on pretty well. At first I wasn’t sure it was doing much. I was using an abundance of actives and too may acid treatments at the time, which I have since dialed back completely. Now that my face is at a much more stable place it has been very very receptive to this.

The Moonlight Catalyst is sold as a retinol alternative and has a thick jelly consistency with a light peachy scent. It uses fermented pumpkin enzymes to lightly exfoliate the skin and biomimetic EGF, a peptide which plumps the skin along with a long list of plant extracts.

Now I have not seen drastic results with this serum, but I have seen a light refreshing toning to my complexion. It is gentle enough to use nightly, and has some good nutrient rich healing hydrators in it like Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip.

I think if you are accustomed to heavier retinol and lots of acids then you will probably not get on with this. But if you are sensitive like me and haven’t always danced well with retinol this might be a nice natural alternative to try. It is very pricey though. At $77 dollars a bottle I wont be repurchasing this any time soon, not unless I can get it at a heavily discounted rate again.

I know I let the price tag weigh heavy on my opinions of these, but as a consumer it is hard to not judge something in relation to its monetary value. I am no stranger to high end beauty, but I am money conscious and seek out deals where I can. These are luxurious priced oils that most of us can not afford. I think if these were both about 20 dollars less I think they would be more fairly priced in relation to my experience of their performance.

Have you tested out either of these Kypris Oils? What are your thoughts on them? Have you found the experience of them relates well to the price? I’d love to know!

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  1. Alecia says

    Hi Lauren,

    You said you purchased these items at a discount rate during the holidays. What month and what store? I would love to purchase both of these bottles but I would prefer to buy them discounted.

    Thank you,

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