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A Mini K-Beauty Haul from Peach & Lily

There’s no denying that I’m a lover of skincare, I love testing, researching and most importantly, the ritual of it. Also there’s no denying that I’m a lover of deals. That’s why sales, promo codes and Black Friday’s become a true excersize in restraint for me… and not always something I’m particularly good at.

I went with a sort of theme this holiday shopping season. That theme being K-beauty websites. There’s so many great curated ones out there right now, they ship the best and most interesting bits from Korea right to our doorsteps! I’ve got some items coming from OhLolly, SokoGlam! (mainly makeup that you’ll see in post and video form real soon…) and this lot from Peach & Lily that I’m sharing with you today!


I haven’t tried any straight up K-Beauty moisturizers yet. Sure I’ve slapped a few essences and toners on my face but I wanted to test out something rich but gentle for this upcoming, probably dry, winter season.

Aromatica’s Calendula Juicy Cream so far has been fitting the bill. It’s a lovely rich texture that’s thick but soaks in really well. I have yet to test it during the day to get a feel if it’s too heavy or not, but so far it’s been a great evening skin cap. I’ve been dabbling it on my eczema prone legs and using it on my cracking knuckles to much success. It’s really gentle and formulated with 48% calendula extract, so here’s to hoping it helps with redness like one of my all time favorites: the Calendula Redness Rescue from Jurlique. (read review here!)


I’ve also been on the hunt to test out more Propolis based skincare. I’m a massive fan of all things honey in skin care, I find it super effective on my skin, so I thought The Propolis Sparkle Ampoule by Tosowoong would be good to check out.

It’s a massive portion, coming in at about 100ml, which makes it’s $30 price tag seem like a bargain. It’s delicate glass but sturdy packaging looks tres chic on my bathroom skincare shelf. It’s got a jelly sort of texture that’s not the least bit greasy. I’ve been putting it on after my evening toner, and under my morning moisturizer during days my skin needs a little extra something. I have yet to detect any spark tough… but it is early in the relationship.


The Damask Rose Soothing Gel by Aromatica is actually the product I’ve used the least so far. I put it on the other day after doing an intense AHA mask that left my skin a little red and tender… so I can attest to the soothing effect it promises by name!

I’ve read a few reviews that recommend leaving it in the fridge to use in the morning to help cool skin after a hot shower, and get you bright eyed for the day. So I am eager to follow suite and test out this bit of advice very soon! I can see this being a stressed or even hanger over face helper. šŸ™‚

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