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Nourish Your Skin with Brooklyn Based Skincare Line Lyeska

Recently, I’ve been super lucky to test out a number of amazing brands, one of my favorites has to be Brooklyn Based skincare line Lyeska.

Centered around the richness of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil, Lyeska makes responsibly produced, all naturals product out of Brooklyn New York. The brand was founded by Russian born Katya Hegg. Katya grew up around the women in her family utilizing the ingredients found naturally in their gardens and forests to nourish their skin.

I’ve been using the Moisturizing Facial Lotion and Facial Cleanser these past two months, and love the gentle hydrating formulas. Both products are packed with Siberian Cedar Nut Oil which contains strong amounts of Vitamin E and lots of essential fatty acids.


The Facial Cleanser is rich in Vitamin A from plenty of Apple Extract and Rose Oil making it a great healer for aging or parched skin. It contains lots of antiseptic/anti acne ingredients like Burdock Root, Rosemary, Willow Bark and Blood Orange Extracts. And to calm the skin there is plenty of Aloe Vera and Calendula.

This is a very hydrating creamy formula that I think works best for dry and dehydrated skin types. It’s got a lot of antI septic qualities though so it could be good for those with the occasional spots and hormonal congestion. I’ve loved using it as my morning cleanser. It’s very hydrating and is full of vitamins to help start my day off right. It’s non foaming, and I would not recommend using it as a makeup remover- It’s formula would be pretty waisted as such anyways.


On the other hand, I think the Moisturizing Facial Lotion would work well on most skin types. It’s wonderfully moisturizing, but doesn’t feel greasy. It absorbs very quickly and works really well under makeup. It’s a very build-able moisturizer that layers nicely over other skincare products. On days I’m feeling pretty oily one layer is all I need and when my skin is feeling particularly tight, two layers works great!

This Moisturizer is rich in calming ingredients like Rose Water, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile to help ease inflammation and redness. I love the high concentration of Barley Seed Extract along with Rose Hip and Cedar Nut Oils. All are full of antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals as well as replenish the skin with needed vitamins and moisture.

I was super fortunate that Lyeska let me test out some of their stellar products! I love that this company has such strong values put into every aspect of production. From the recycled packaging, to the quality control and ethical sourcing, they hit all the right marks! If you are looking to invest in effective, natural but also independently made skincare I highly suggest checking Lyeska out!


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