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November Empties | My Beautiful Trash

I love me a good empties post or video! It’s definitely not as glamorous as a haul- where everything is shinny and new and you’re so damn excited about all of it because you’ve only just become acquainted. But it’s much much more honest, and you get the real scoop on whether something is actually crap or not.

I’ve been feeling the guilt of over consumption looming over my head like a blackened rain cloud these past weeks. It’s made me determined to get through the bulk of my stash and get myself to a manageable amount of product for one person. I’ve got a slew of post dated hauls coming forth but considering I only made my way through about a third of my saved empties in this video… expect a bundle of them in the near future.



As you can tell from the video I am a bit of a fan of face mists (Pixi being my main girl in that category) but between mists and cleansers, which surprisingly only one made it in this video, they are my most commonly used up skincare items! Trilogy as a brand has captured my heart, they make such lovely gentle products that smell divine. I’m looking forward to using up more of them in the future.

There’s a few choice products for body and hair in there too! Some top highlights being the incredibly moisturizing Seaberry Body Lotion from Fresh and the ultimate brittle hair saving Conditioner from It’s A 10. Both are great at their jobs but run high in price tag. Don’t worry- there’s cheaper alternative for both used up in the video as well!


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