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Hello Rose by Pixi

this new kit from Pixi arrives just in time for spring!

Pixi was a brand that was a straight up mystery to me for years. I first took note of its elevated blush pink and pastel green packaging several years back when I was rushing through target tying to get in and out with only the essentials (as is the challenge with any target run).

I finally got to exploring the brand via the Skincare range via the cult classic Glow Tonic (thanks to Caroline Hirons) and later falling for the Milky Mist (thanks to the Anna Edit).

This little set, The Hello Rose, is my first time though testing out anything from their makeup line and I’m very happy with the results!

The Glow Booster is a lovely sheer pearly peach pink. It’s a very hydrating cream formula, that gives a lovely lit from within finish to the skin. It layered well under several different foundation formulas I tested it with but also gives a lovely diffusion to the skin on my no-to-low makeup sort of days.

The Beauty Blush Duo is perfect for some one of my skin tone, but potentially might not be enough for anyone deeper. The blush side is a lovely dusty rose that I’ve been very into for this last year. It’s refined yet cheerful. The highlight is a pale yellow gold that is a tad too much on the sparkles for me, but swirled into the blush adds a nice bit of radiance and dimension to my face.

The LipLift Max in Sheer Rose has a refreshing minty sent and has cemented it self in my handbag. In part because I’m addicted to mint (I really think Altoids should sponsor me) and also for it’s glossy hydrating finish. After a winter of bold liquid lipsticks a sheer glossy rose is what I need. It’s low maintenance, pairs well with lip liners and tops any one of the dusty nudes I’ve been into lately rather nicely (So into, I made a video you can watch here!).

The Hello Rose Kit is available at Target, In store and Online, as well as though Pixi’s website.

Pixi’s range is quite extensive, so please let me know what I should dive into next- both makeup and skincare wise. I’ve heard many a YouTuber claim the Correction Concentrate is a dupe for Becca’s Under Eye Brightener… Maybe that will be next?

Full Discloser! I did receive the Hello Glow Kit complimentary because I am a part of the Pixi Ambassador Program. If you are a content creator and like Pixi, I highly recommend Applying~


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