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Refining My Face with Osea’s White Algea Mask

Spoiler. It’s a new fav!

I think masks are my most commonly purchased skincare items. I use them as a sort of introductory product when testing out a new line. Whether clay, hydrating or just a sheet mask it generally give me a good idea if I want to test out any more from a brand.

Well, It’s easy to say that I am eager to test out more from Malibu based Osea, because the White Algea Mask is easily one of my top five favorite masks now.

Formulated with Algae Extract’s, the White Algea Mask helps to refine texture, hydrate parched skin, and feed it with anti aging antioxidants. The mask has antioxidant rich White Tea, and White Wine to nourish the skin. Along with skin soothers Aloe Vera, Calendula and Jojoba Oils that really helps to hydrate and calm.

It has a mousse like texture that dries down to a sort of almost light clay on the skin, but not uncomfortable or dehydrating like most clay masks can feel. I’ve used this mask a little over half a dozen times now and instantly saw results after the first application.

My easily red face seemed brighter and calmer afterwords, and wonderfully smooth. It’s pretty hydrating, but my skin has been super thirty lately so it needed a little more than just what this mask could give.

You can use it at night, which has become my preferred method with this guy. I slather on a thin layer over top of my Kypris Antioxidant Dew, and then follow with my moisturizer of choice (currently rotating between Shikai Borage Moisturizer and Aromatica’s Calendula Juicy Cream.) Also this is one of the most expensive masks I own, so using it at night helps me feel like I’m soaking all the worth out of it I can.

Osea has some intriguing looking products and an equally intriguing brand story. They take inspiration and ingredients from the sea to formulate their products. They also have a unique and interesting origins story centered around four generations of women’s relationship with the sea.

Have you tested out anything from Osea? I’ve my eye on the Ocean Cleanser, and Sea Vitamin Boost next! I’d love to know if there’s another catch I should get. (fishing pun intended)

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