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A Sephora Haul From Ages Ago

Yup, The title is correct. I’ve got a Sephora Haul from way back in the summer, that I finally got around to filming mid September, and am just now uploading at the end of October. Can you tell I’ve got zero time management skills?

I was given several Sephora gift cards for my Birthday back in August and put them to darn good use buying items I normally wouldn’t spend that much money on…. Ah, The glory of gift cards!


I’ve had my eye on Korean Beauty brand Neogen Dermolagy for a while now, and got SUPER excited when I saw Sephora stocking an assortment of their items online. I opted for the Lemon Bio-Peel as my intro product to the range. I’m about out of my Pixi Glow Tonic and have been wanting to explore other acid toners. So far I’ve really been loving it. It’s great for hyper-pigmentation, and I had a few cystic type ass hats growing on my forehead that it helped kick to the curb. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I restocked myself on May Coop’s Raw Sauce. I tested this essence out last year when I was first getting into K-Beauty routines. I knew I really liked it, but wanted to give it a second go around in a more consistent manner. Right now I’ve been enjoying it the most in my morning skincare lineup. It’s really hydrating, but creates a sort of matte base to build off of before I slap my makeup on. Jury’s still out though.

Sunday Riley has officially become my go to skincare line. Whenever she has a new skincare launch I start saving my pennies. The Ultra Clarifying Lotion aka UFO is a pretty good new addition to her line but isn’t my favorite… Good Genes is still my girl. I find UFO to perform similarly to Luna on my skin. Inconsistently: It goes in and out of working on me… Weird I know. It does a decent job with hormonal breakouts, but it’s not always acting like the starting player that it some times is.

I’ve been wanting the Fresh Black Tea Eye Concentrate for eons. I think I’ve gone into Sephora for samples of it at least five times. No Joke. Funny enough, it’s not as good as I remember. It’s still an excellent eye cream, very hydrating and helps (slightly) with discoloration. But I saw such dramatic results when I first started using it and now it’s sort of tapered of… Maybe it’s just the effect of newness wearing of on me.

The only makeup item in this Haul is the much hyped Multisick from Bite Beauty. It took me FOREVER to land on a color, but I’m super happy that I ended up going with Biscotti. It’s such an incredible browny red. I love it the most on my eyes, or doing a sort of draping effect with it into my blush. It’s beautiful on the lips, but something about the color mixing with my natural lip pigmentation makes it lean on the purple side. Lining it with a rich red lip liner solves that issue, and I am fully on trend with a monochrome look!


No Sephora Haul is complete with out a few GWP. I am one of the costumers that Sephora most hate. I order everything individually so I can maximizes my samples and mini gifts. I have yet to test out Sunday Riley’s Martian… can’t put too much newness on my face at once… but am excited to give it a go. I’ve recently been busting out the Ceramidin Cream from Dr. Jart+ and am super impressed. I’ve only used it three times but it’s an awesome calming moisturizer.

I was pretty disappointed with the Benefit Brow Gel. It’s really clumpy and flakes fast. I’ve actually been pretty disappointed with most of Benefit’s new Brow Line. It is extensive and I haven’t tried everything… so any winners I’m missing out on?

My favorite discovery in this batch was the Cover FX Sunscreen. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard much to anything about it before. It’s something I think I will use every day in the summer. It’s light weight with zero white cast and acts as a great primer. It’s on my list to pick up during the forthcoming VIB Sale. Hello 20% off!

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