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Seven Awards Season Films I Can’t Wait To Watch

With the election taking a turn I didn’t expect, I’m finding myself feeling a little lost today. I, like many, thought this was going to go in a completely different direction. And honestly, I’m in a state of shock and even grief I was not prepared for.

As an artist, storyteller, and yes even beauty blogger, I find myself turning to my work to process these unexpected feelings, as well as looking for the closest distraction to ease my anxious mind. Just the act of putting on my makeup this morning was immensely therapeutic and helped add a little self care and sense of escapism I needed.

I had many plans today to write about lipsticks, cleansers and a bazillion other beauty related things, but I decided it was a good time to put out a post I’ve had in the back of my mind for weeks now. As we head into a rocky feeling time for many of us in the country I encourage you to turn to your work, your passions and to your art as well as the art of others.

Personally film has always been a place of solace for me. A place to not only escape but to explore. We are lucky that Award Season and Election Season fall at similar times of the year. So many enticing, enriching and mobilizing films come out around now. Ones that help start conversations, sooth our hearts and even ignite our imaginations.

Here’s a list of 7 Films out now or coming very soon that have me excited about the rest of the year. And I hope add a little charm, escape, inspiration and maybe even therapeutic release you might need. The trailers alone added a bit of energy I needed today.


I am a big BIG fan of Jim Jarmusch films and I feel like Paterson is going to be a favorite before even seeing it. The story centers around a bus driver that shares the same name as the city he lives, with a beautiful gift of poetry. The trailer alone give me joy, from it’s subtle wit to profound observations of the simplest of things. Adam Driver has such unique talent and charm, he always lights up the screen.


I am a sucker for intelligent (seeming) Science Fictions. A big fan of Arthur C. Clarke, this trailer gives me Rendezvous with Rama vibes. Denis Villeueve is an interesting director who seems very apt at communicating complicated matters and delivers suspenseful drama. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sicario, but thought the performances were directed beautifully. I have high hopes for Arrival. Plus it stars the incredible Amy Adams, she’s one you can always count one for a knock out performance.


Moonlight is one of the films this year that (I hope) adds a bit of diversity into the awards pool this time around. Directed by Barry Jenkins, Moonlight seems to weave several complex narratives about identity and self discovery set in a rough neighbor in Miami. The acting looks top notch from House of Card’s Marhershala Ali as well as several new comers like Shariff Earp, and Duan Sanderson.


Jeff Nichols is proving himself to be a powerhouse of a director. I was a huge fan of Mud, and can’t wait to see what he does with this true story of an interracial couple fighting for their right to be married in their home state. Loving has been getting rave reviews for not only the film but for the all the performances, specifically Joel Edgerton’s nuanced portrayal of Richard Loving.

The Handmaiden

The newest film from Old Boy director Chan-wook Park , The Handmaiden, looks like a feast for the eyes. I love that the trailer little to nothing about the plot- and I like it that way. His films are such a wild ride that I love the idea of going into it blindly. I highly doubt this will get much notice at the big awards shows due to his usually gruesome plots, but Park is such a master film maker, that maybe we’ll get lucky!


Following the days after JFK assassination, Jackie, seems like a shoe in for Natalie Portman’s Academy nomination this year. The trailer has an almost Terrence Malick feel in its editing and voice over. The cinematography looks absolutely stunning. I have yet to see any of the directors, Pablo Larraín, previous work, but this film is getting some many rave reviews that I want to look into his older films: The Club and No.

La La Land

Let’s end this list with a bit of precious escape we could all use. La La Land, looks to be the refreshing piece of entertainment to get us through to the end of the year. A musical love story by Whiplash director Damien Chazelle about two lovers attempting to maintain their relationship while pursuing their dreams in entertainment. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have already proven their incredible chemistry in Crazy, Stupid, Love and this third time partnering up seems brilliant.




  1. Excellent recommendations! I hadn’t even heard of any of these before, but they all seem so intriguing! Now I am especially waiting for the Arrive, I love some scifi thriller and the Handmaiden after seeing the Stoker!

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