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Shopping List | Cult French Beauty Brand Bourjois Paris

I’ve really only been traveling down the beauty community rabbit hole for about a year now. One brand that kept popping out at me on this journey was Bourjois Paris. Now owned by Chanel, this brand got its start way back in the 1800’s as stage makeup during a booming time in theatre. It’s rumored this line is similar if not the same as Chanel’s cosmetics line (they are made in the same factories) but I haven’t tried much Chanel so I can’t compare.

This drugstore priced French makeup line is all over youtube, beauty blogs and social media… but just not on our shelves here in the States. Annoying I know. Nothing makes you want something more then when you just. can’t. get. it. Well I could, sorta. Through online retailers like Amazon, lookfantasic and ASOS… but I hate purchasing makeup online that I have not seen in person first. I wanna know what I am getting myself into. So when my fiance Husband (still getting used to that!) and I made the decision to head to Paris for a portion of our honeymoon, I knew I had to seek this brand out while I was there.

When I got to the stand alone store on the Right Bank I went a little ham. I was given the excuse to because: A. I can’t get this shit at home and B. EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE.

Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 09 Happy Nude Year 08 Grand Cru 02 Flambourjois OverheadI held myself back on only getting three of the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks (they were 40% off!). These creamy pigmented lipsticks dry to a gorgeous matte finish that is not at all drying. They wear off fairly evenly, and when they are long gone have left your lips with a beautiful stain. They smell like Kool Aid packets and I, surprisingly, don’t mind that. It’s nostalgic.

I picked up an almost blood like pinky red that will be great for fall (08 Grand Cru), a popsicle pink shade (02 Frambourjois), and a lovely pink candy nude (09 Happy Nude Year) both perfect for summer. (ASOS, Amazon, LookFantastic, FeelUnique

Bourjois Paris Java PowderBourjois Paros Jave Rice Loose Powder

The Loose Rice Java Powder comes in a lovely throw back case, I believe similar to their original packaging (except for the plastic) from over a hundred years ago.

This powder has a radiant shimmer that gives almost a candle light soft focus effect as a finishing powder. The particles are larger than the Hourglass powders, but it has a similar looking blurring effect to me. It’s got a pretty, vintage rose smell that doesn’t linger for too long. (ASOS, Amazon)

Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara

I was not planning on purchasing mascara on this trip since I have a few samples I need to get through first at home, but the mascara I brought along with me to Paris quickly dried out, and kept flaking on me all day. No Fun. I’m glad I picked this guy up because it’s my new favorite mascara.  True to it’s name, The Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara, does indeed create a lot of volume and curl. It leaves a sort of big lashes, but not falsies look. (Amazon, Priceline, Overstock)

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum and Powder

The Healthy Balance Powder and Mix Serum Foundation have some what of a cult like following. Anything with such a loyal devotion has my interest. The Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation seems to be in most every Youtubers top foundations picks. So of course like the little lemming I am, this was the item I knew i had to get. I really wanted to know what all the hype was about.

I picked it up in 51 Vanilla Clair which is a tad yellow on me, but nothing i can;t blend out. It does have a lovely healthy looking, hydrating finish on the face. I’ve been more interested in tinted moisturizers and BB creams lately since It’s summer, but I can see myself falling in with the herd on this one come winter time. OH, and this guy was 50% off when I went in. CRAZY. (ASOS, Amazon, FeelUnique, LookFantastic)

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder Compact

The Healthy Balance Powder (in 52 Vanilla), on the other hand, has been on my face nearly every day since I got it. It’s got a matte finish that doesn’t cake up. It’s made with different fruit extracts to help minimize shine and hydrate the skin. It has a surprisingly fine in texture for a drugstore priced powder. The only catch is that it has no brush (or room for one) which makes it not so great for carting around. (ASOS, Amazon)

Bourjois Paris 74 Rose Ambre Blush PowderBourjois Paris 74 Rose Ambre Blush Powder Compact Pot

I was suckered in by the 40% off sticker on the Little Round Pot Blusher in 74 Rose Ambre. And I’m not sorry. I would call this a mature rose blusher. But I, in know way, imply old with that statement.

I’ve been religiously wearing Mocha Havana by Lancome for the past few weeks but started rotating it out or mixing it in with Rose Ambre by Bourjois. It gives me a flushed looking cheeks that blend well into bronzer. Trying my damnedest to look a bit tan. Last summer I was rocking by Pink Pop by Clinique, a bright coral color on me that I still adore, but I’ve been roped into the browny neutral lip trend everyone’s been into and this blush pairs perfectly with that nineties pout. (Priceline, Amazon)

I really wanted to check out some Kiko cosmetics while I was in Europe but each time I found a store it was so crowded. I couldn’t handle that type of shopping pressure again after making my way though City-pharma (which was worth it… but taxing). Any gems from Bourjois I missed? I’ve heard great things about their liquid blushers and concealers? Do I need to fly back already?Bourjouis Paris Rogue Velvet Lipstick Glamour Mascara Healthy Mix Serum Java Powder Rose Blush pot

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