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Tatcha’s Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil & Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder

Let us hope I am not being blinded by pretty packaging here (because this shit is some of the most gorgeous packaging on the market) but I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a love affair with Tatcha lately. For those of you not familiar with the brand, Tatcha is based around the beauty secrets of geishas, incorporating a bevy of natural ingredients that contain potent abilities and a rich history. Who doesn’t want to be anciently beautiful???

I received a travel size of Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream as a gift with purchase back in December, this little pot sparked a curiosity with a brand I previously had passed over. So when the Christmas gift cards started rolling in, I knew I needed to set aside some of that Sephora dough to investigate. I’ve gotten my hands on the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (review to come) and two different travel sized cleansers: Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and the Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder. I’ve used both cleansers several times over the last two months and now It’s time to talk at your face about my opinions. (ie THE REVIEW)


The Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is billed as a cleanser and makeup remover in one, no second cleanse needed! As it’s namesake suggests, it contains Camellia Oil, although not at the top of the ingredients list like you’d hope, but nestled in the center. Camellia oil is having a bit of a spot light these days in the beauty industry, showing up in all types of products. Also know as Tsubaki Oil, it’s very rich in oleic acid, Omegas 3, 6 & 9 as well as a multitude of vitamins like A, B, E & D. It’s considered to have one of the highest amounts of naturally occurring antioxidants within a botanical substance.

Now Rice Bran Oil actually sits towards the top of the ingredients list. It’s high in vitamins, such as A, E and B12, antioxidants (UV protection), and also has some moisturizing properties. This cleansing oil also includes Green Tea Extract, which as we all know is extremely good for you both inside and out due to its large amount of antioxidants. Its concentration of polyphenols are a great aid in fighting free radicals, meaning it’s an anti-ager. Red Algae Extract also makes an appearance on the list, another fun trending ingredient I’ve see popping up more and more. It’s got a unique ability to moisturize, and help the skin retain that moisture. All three of these ingredients, Green Tea, Red Algae, and Rice Bran combine to make what Tatcha calls HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex, something you’ll see plastered all over their packaging, website, and press releases.

The Pure One Step Camellia Cleaning Oil is the only other cleansing oil I have tried besides the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Oil. But unlike the Bosica one (which does a fan-fucking-tastic job of removing makeup), I find I can use this as more than just a make up remover. In fact, due to its price, I try to avoid using it as such, but don’t get me wrong, it does a great job of removing makeup. I use this as a second cleanse, but prefer to mainly use as a morning cleanse. It gives my skin a jolt of hydration, but doesn’t leave me oily, which I find perfect for starting the day with. I can see myself purchasing the larger size in the near future which seems a much better value then the travel size. The travel size, although beautiful looking, is too damn heavy for traveling with and prone to leaking (annoying story I wont bore you with).


The Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder is a water activated powder that states it can be used as an exfoliant, cleanser and toner all in one. It, like the Pure Camilla Cleansing Oil contains the HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex, the mix of Red Algae, Green Tea, and Rice Bran. Obviously this doesn’t have Rice Bran in just extract form but also as a powder. In fact Rice Bran Powder is the fist ingredient. Licorice Extract makes an appearance which is great because of its skin calming, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also been known to lighten dark spots and fight hyper-pigmentation. Papaya Extract show up as the exfoliant in this product, but it is also a great skin healer, with is concentration of several different types of antioxidants.


Polished is the first of this type of cleanser I’ve ever used. The only other brand I’ve seen make something similar to it is the Exfoliating Grains by Farmacy, so I am pretty curious about this newer water activated formulas. Now even though this is considered the Gentle version of Tatchas different Rice Enzyme Powders (There’s a Deep, Soothing, and Classic) I did not find this gentle enough for daily use. It does feel a bit stripping, so I reached for it on days I’ve felt particularly grimy or following a work out. It does an awesome job of cleaning the skin, so I could see this being a good daily option for those with more oily, sensitive skin. The packaging of the travel size, unlike the cleansing oil, is very light weight and because it has no liquid there’s limited chance of a mess. I don’t see myself purchasing the larger size due to my infrequent use but might get the travel size some day for my gym bag. These water activated formulas appear to be a good deal, you seem to get way more then if it was pre mixed.


Both products were formulated with out parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA or TEA. They do both contain alcohol in them, which I try to avoid in my beauty routine, but it’s near the bottom of the ingredients list, and I have yet to have a reaction.

I’ve got a way’s to go to get through the Polished Gentle Enzyme Powder, but am nearly out of the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. Any cleansing oils I must try before investing in the full size of this guy? I really want to try Tatcha’s serums, and sunscreens, anyone got some musts I need to check out from this brand?


YO! Full disclosure. This post contains affiliate links ya’ll.


  1. Oooh! I’m excited to try the Tatcha Cleansing Oil now! I bought it a while back but I’m finishing up my current cleansing balm before I open it up. I don’t know if you’ve tried it before but Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm is amazing! I’m using it right now. xx

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

    • lauren says

      Nice! Let me know how it goes for you! I haven’t tried the Banila Co. Balm but I’ll check it out, you’ve got great taste in products!

    • lauren says

      Ah what a bummer! I think you can order through Sephora, but am not sure!

    • lauren says

      It’s a really great brand, I cant wait to try more! Let me know if you do!

  2. Tatcha really does an amazing job with packaging, I mean the beautiful paper they wrap everything it! I love the oil cleanser and enzyme exfoliate cleanser, oh and the camilla balm. Haven’t tried anything else yet.

    Beautiful post!

    • lauren says

      Oh I know! I love the attention to detail! I haven’t been able to bring myself to throw any of the packaging away. I haven’t tried the Camila balm, will have to try that out! I really love the Dewy Skin mist, it’s very luxurious!

    • lauren says

      Let me know if you give them a try! Really loving their products!

  3. It seems like everyone is talking about Tatcha at the moment. I wish we could get it easily here in the UK! Must get my hands on a cleanser soon!

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    • lauren says

      Guess they are having a moment in the sun! They are a pretty interesting brand to me, the mis of old world beauty secret’s, the amazing packaging…. etc etc. I hope you can get your hands on them soon!

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