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The Vogue Birchbox

It’s sorta crazy to think that Vogue is 125 years old! I was an avid Vogue reader from a young age, well to be honest, an avid picture looker-at-er. I was always drawn into the interesting editorial images that would spark my imagination and middle school outfit choices. Funny now that I am more at the target age for Vogue that I haven’t thumbed one of its pages in years.

I think YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram probably play a role in that, but I am still nostalgic about my dear vogue. AND as you may know a bit of a beauty freak and deal hound, so after hunting down a coupon code, I just had to get my hands on the Vogue 125 Anniversary box in collaboration with Birchbox.

I’ve steadily made my way through the boxes mainly rose themed offerings, and I’d say I am pretty damn pleased. The millennial pink box comes with an assortment of beauty items: from skincare all the way to nails. With some exclusive products from brands like NARS and RMS along with some exciting new launches from the likes of Ouai and Charlotte Tilbury. So here’s my little breakdown and review for this celebratory collaboration. 

The three skincare items you get in the box are the Rose & Hibiscus Face Mist from Herbivore Botanics, the Immortelle & Rose Face Balm from Northern California’s Earth Tu Face, and the newly released Dry Sheet Mask from Charlotte Tilbury.
The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask  (1 mask but can be used 3 times) was one of the big selling points for me with this box. It’s a pricey item in its own right, and although I was curious about it, couldn’t justify the price. I have used it only once, but I get the hype on this guy. It is indeed VERY hydrating, but without all the mess from a normal sheet mask. I think I could write a blog post, or make a video rather, dedicated to this item alone… so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

The other two items are from natural brands that have been on my radar for years, but I just haven’t gotten around to. The Earth Tu Face Face Balm (full size) is a lovely thick consistency that melts into the skin like an oil. This could be a big favorite for me in the winter. It has a heavy listing of essential oils though, but with my many uses, has yet to bother me. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist (full size) is nothing groundbreaking, but nice it’s always nice to have another rose mist lying around. It’ll get used up, but it’s nothing special for me.

One of the most fun things about this box is the exclusive items with their take on the Vogue Rose. Which is a real thing by the way!

The Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Vogue Rose (full size / exclusive) is a lovely creamy champagne pale pink, with a shiny, almost pearlescent finish. It’s shimmery but not sparkly. This looks lovely smudged across the eye lids paired with other eyeshadows or just on its one to make the eyes big and bright

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Vogue Rose (full size / exclusive) is a sophisticated yet youthful rose color with hints of coral and peach. Its a thick formula (true to RMS) that melts into the cheeks that looks natural, but can easily be built up. I am not the biggest fan of this on my lips, but find that it mixes well with a gloss or layered on a lipstick. Its dewy looking, but without any shimmer.

The Jin Soon Nail Polish in Vogue Rose (full size/ exclusive) was a surprise hit for me! It’s a fantastic vibrant peachy orange that just screams summer. The formula on this guy is pretty stellar. Dry quickly, opaque in two coats and has a decently long wear time!

And lastly the box includes a full size of the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner and a travel size of the also newly released Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil. I actually got a sample of the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner (full size) some years back and have been wanting it ever since. It’s a lovely thick lip balm that has an intense scent of rose. It has a light pink sheen to it and well, just feels fancy.

The Ouai Rose Hair Oil (travel size) is thinner then Ouai’s normal hair oil, absorbs a little better and doesn’t way down the hair as much. And although it does smell like roses, it kinda doesn’t smell like the best most fresh of roses.

The box also came with a Vogue subscription offering, which I lost immediately, but is also worth mentioning. So as you can tell this was a pretty good steal of a box, if you are a rose fan of course.

I honestly thought this was gonna sell out right away, so put off writing about it for a while. Luckily it seems to still be kicking around! So if you were looking for a nice feminine gift for yourself or a beauty lover you know then the Birchbox x Vogue 125 collaboration this is a fantastically assembled box!

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