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The Week End | Demogorgon’s, K-Beauty, and Marriage

Life. I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since I got married. We just got our wedding photos and they are everything we could have wanted. If you’re shopping for a wedding photographer, hire Anna Zajac, then invite me so I can hang with her again. Oh and Europe! We went! I just want to groundhog day all of June and July!

Eat. Jeff and I ate our way through Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona. We averaged walking four miles a day, if not more, so nothing stuck to our sides for long. We spent a good chunk of our budget eating well. A few highlights were Seb’on, KB Coffee, El Quim, and Capperi. We also brought back some amazing wines!

Watch. As soon as we got back state side we caught wind of Stranger Things. It’s soooo worth the hype guys! Just such a wonderful mash up of so many things I adored growing up. I’ve also been diving into Korean beauty and all its intriguing and innovative products. I’ve been crash coursing by binge watching all of Gothamista‘s videos. Definitely my favorite Youtuber right now!

Health. Now that the wedding and honeymoon is over I’m pouring all my focus into my career and health. I finally signed up for Class Pass. Got in when they had a special going on. So far I’ve been hitting up Rise Nation and Cycle House. I don’t hate it. Also I’ve been enjoying the addition of Maca Powder and Bee Pollen in my morning smoothies!

Art. I’ve been on a home decoration kick for a while: I love filling our home with unique, and hand crafted items. For our wedding we got some amazing prints from some awesome artists. I love Strange Dirt’s designs and am so happy to have one of her pieces in our home now. You should really follow her on Instagram!  Thanks Sam!

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