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What I Smell Like: My Current Go to Scents

don’t worry, I shower… 

Perfume and I have had a rocky relationship in the past. From dosing myself in some sort of cherry vanilla concoction way back in middle school, to going sans any scent except for whatever my current deodorant gave off… I find it pleasantly surprising (and smelling) that I’ve finally grown into a love for fragrance.

Now my collection is pretty small, and mainly full of deluxe samples and one roller ball from Diptyque. But recently it’s been growing a bit with the acquisition of two full size fragrances. And I just can’t stop spritzing them on myself!

I stumbled upon Alani from Melissa Flagg at Anthropologie back before Christmas. I was, of course, drawn in by the botanical design on the bottle (theme here folks!) but the happy yet refined scent of orange blossom and gardenia was what sold me on it.

Each perfume in this range is supposed to evoke the essence of Hawaii… I do get a breathe of something tropical, but it’s not overly sweet and the lovely old-timey atomizer does adds a little extra something something that I greatly enjoy.

Alani is a great uplifting perfume to use during the day or to reenergize if I’m pooped and have to leave the house again at night. It reminds me a lot of Paradise from Nest or Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine yet more mature some how. (Two perfumes I need to get in my collection BTW)

And Fun Fact Alani means “Orange Tree” in Hawaiian.

Husband did a killer job on the stocking stuffers this year. Between the Bonvivant sheet mask kit, the Artichoke Power Essence and The Indigo Eau de Parfum from Nest, I’ve got my work cut out for me next year.

I was first introduced to Nest Fragrance late winter of last year when my gorgeous sister surprised me with the Fragrance Collection. I wrote a post about the scent profiles of each in the set back in March, and what I described it as then still stands true. Indigo is super sexy perfume with notes of cardamom, bergamot and black tea. I also always get the impression of fresh off the bush Blackberries (a staple from my childhood).

Although Indigo a great date night perfume, I love wearing it all the time. It’s like wrapping yourself in a seductive forest. But carful, a heavy hand with this one and you’ll be sneezing more then you like….

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