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Short’s huh? You’re gonna write an entire post dedicated to short films on Vimeo? Why yes, yes I am! I know it sounds pretentious, and maybe it is pretentious, but hell I’m gonna own it! I present you five shorts films I think you should put in front of your eyeballs and enjoy. Quick warning, the majority of these are NSFW, have adult themes, violence, and foul language, you know, all the good stuff.


My fiance recommend this one to me recently, and it’s become a fast favorite. The Funnel is absolutely hilarious, simple, and strange. Presented by Bob Odenkirk, this comedy adventure gem by writer-director-actor Andre Hyland is a breath of fresh absurdist air. It went to the likes of Sundance and SXSW and now I just can’t wait to see his 2016 Sundance entry, The 4th!

Successful Alcoholics

Successful Alcoholics stars baby faced TJ Miller and Lizzy Chaplan as two, you guessed it, successful alcoholics. This hilarious and hard to watch short explores the (sorta) downward spiral of a couple that’s both great and sloppy at life. Written by T.J. Miller  and Jordan Vogt-Roberts with Roberts directing (of the lovable Kings of Summer). It might be the longest short on here, but worth every minute!

I Love Sarah Jane

I Love Sarah Jane is a classic. It’s a great take on an old subject (zombies) and captures all the sweet nuances of adolescent romance. Spencer Susser does an excellent job creating a slice of a much larger world, that definitely leaves you wanting more than just 14 minutes. Oh, and bonus, you get to see the brilliant Mia Wasikowska in the early ages of her career! A must watch.


Okay, I am gonna be straight with you here, Crossbow is dark, the darkest short on here, and a little bit fucked up too. But it is also brilliant. The structure of it, the cinematography, the voice over… brilliant. It’s a real film lovers treat. Written and directed by David Michod (who also co-wrote I Love Sarah Jane), who later went on to make the amazingly intense feature length drama, Animal Kingdom.


Doubles is a fun, quirky take on the boy gets girl tale. This twilight zone like short explores what happens to the every day man as two universes collide. Staring my real-life-friend Mike Nelson and written and directed by up and comer Jacob Motz. This short deserves a spotlight amongst the biggest of little films!

Of course we all know Vimeo is not limited to short films, it’s full of interesting odes to dogs, experimental dance pieces, and of course my mother-in-laws amazing home videos! Next time you’re in the mood for some serious internet zone outs, maybe dive into the Vimeo staff picks, or just follow me, I am constantly adding more liked videos (just like this one from my buddy Andrew)

And don’t worry, my next film post wont be so serious… Here’s a sneak peak….


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